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Best Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients

It seems like the list of products aimed to make your skin look younger is endless. With all the options it is hard to know what exactly you’re looking for. What should you be looking for in your skin care products? Well, there are lots of things that are effective, and at least equally as many ingredients that you should be avoiding. But it’s hard to keep track, especially with all the jargon on the back labels of most products.

They’re hard enough to pronounce, let alone remember. That being said, there are some basic ingredients you can look for in your product!

1. Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid is a great exfoliant that decreases the look of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It also helps with blemishes and redness of the face. Like other alpha hydroxy acids, it should be applied topically. Benefits of lactic acid include that it’s milder and can be used more often than other AHA’s. Remember, with any acid used on the face, make sure to patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin. Lactic Acid also helps to replenish dehydrated or dry skin.

2. Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is found naturally in certain foods. It comes from sugarcane and is a natural exfoliant that stimulates elastin and collagen to improve the overall texture of the skin. Benefits of glycolic acid include its’ ability to help to break down dead skin cells and the clogs in the skin that develop into acne. Glycolic acid helps to even out discoloration in the skin as well, and can be applied topically.

Products that contain this ingredient are used often to treat scarring, skin discoloration and can aid in reducing signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. This Skin Clarifying Gel is paraben and cruelty-free and clears skin within seconds of applying simple glycolic acid. Not to mention it’s a great budget option.

Malic acid is a great substitute for glycolic, if your skin is more sensitive.

3. Green Tea

Green tea skin care benefits are aplenty. This happens to be my favourite way to go about solving any skin related issues I have, one of the reasons being how many ways it can be used and the number of different products it can be found in. Green tea is full of an antioxidant called “EGCG” that diminishes wrinkles by increasing cell-turnover.

One of the many benefits of green tea is that the number of skin-related problems it addresses is endless. It reduces redness in the skin, brings about a natural glow and detoxes the body. Using green tea topically will reduce signs of aging and tiredness in the face, and simply drinking it will also deliver on making your skin look younger.

Face masks with green tea are great for redness and skin with blemishes too. I found that the ingredients immediately take effect, and each time I have used the Zen Goddess green tea mask, I found that my skin would glow afterwards. With this mask, the green tea’s antibacterial agents help the regulation of hormonal imbalances, while re-mineralizing skin with natural ingredients.

You’ve proabably have heard about green tea’s ability to aid in weight loss as well; it’s really a great addition to any diet and skincare routine.


3. Ceramides

What are ceramides for in skin care? Ceramides basically help the skin retain water and stay hydrated. They are lipids and can come in capsulated and cream forms. Using the right product containing ceramides strengthens the skin making it smoother and evens out its texture. Some of my go-to products include ceramide in them; it’s a lesser mentioned substance that works wonders in the correctly formulated product.

Personally, I think the reason ceramides are over-looked is because there is often no explanation regarding how they work or what exactly they are. So, ceramides are lipids (or fats) that make up about half of our skin’s composition. Age and damage from the sun often diminish our natural ceramides, which is why using a topical product can replenish them!

4. Caffeine

Caffeine, used in the right way and in the right doses, can decrease signs of aging in the skin and can actually help prevent age-related diseases. The best way to use caffeine for your skin is by using skin tightening treatments, masks or serums, and de-puffing eye creams. The difference between coffee and the other ingredients on this list, is that you have to make sure you are using caffeine in a way that is helping your cause rather than hurting it.

Products to tighten your skin, exfoliators and body scrubs can have an anti-aging effect, while drinking coffee regularly can have the very opposite. Best used topically, there are a number of great choices when using caffeine to make your skin look youthful. This is a great topical massager made from naturally-derived caffeine and grape polyphenols to stimulate and energize the skin.

The UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub uniquely mixes both caffeine and Vitamin C to exfoliate and buff away dry skin. With various all-natural ingredients, this product is a great way to start or end your day!

4. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a great moisturizer that reduces wrinkles and fine lines through simple application. It is one of the few moisturizers that is known to provide firming and lasting hydration to the skin without consistent reapplication throughout the day. It’s a great oil to use in itself as an anti-aging serum even just before sleeping. Jojoba oil is one of those products that works for a lot of different skin remedies along with decreasing aging effects.

This Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream is a great hydrating facial day cream that protects dry and sensitive skin using clean and organic ingredients. It’s great if you need gentle, yet intensive skincare. If you want to know how to look younger than your age, jojoba oil is one of the many that can be really beneficial. It helps acne, dullness and just provides an overall refreshed look to your skin.

5. Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, most popularly known as biotin, is a crucial part of a healthy metabolism. It’s responsible for many of the important enzymes in your body. It’s involved in the metabolism of fatty acids (molecules found in fats and oils) and leucine; an amino acid that we can’t synthesize on our own.

The results of biotin deficiency can include hair loss, drying, cracking and aging of skin. Biotin can be found in nuts, cauliflower, avocado and eggs. It also comes in a supplemental form that is available in most health stores. You will want a biotin product with a high absorption rate, so you get the most of the intake. Our favourite is liquid form for biotin supplements, they are absorbed much better.

We prefer Tropical Oasis – Your Vitamins for Life because not only can they be mixed into a regular drink (for those who aren’t a big fan of pills) they also have an absorption rate up to 98%!

6. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that aids your body in repairing damaged skin cells. It’s uses are ten-fold; from providing hydration to fading dark spots in the face. The right products with Vitamin C can even out your overall skin tone and amplify the youthful properties of your skin. Many people consider Vitamin C as crucial a part of your skincare regimen as drinking water! By stimulating collagen growth, Vitamin C can help reduce premature signs of aging and provide elasticity to the skin.


This Vitamin C Elixir is a great collagen building formula that helps reduce free radical damage, and is made from entirely natural ingredients.

It is a great proactive ingredient when it comes to signs of aging. Taken as a regular part of your diet, or applied topically using numerous effective products, Vitamin C greatly improves the look and feel of the skin. It tightens the skin and adds a youthful glow to the face that makes you look awake and alive!

Timeless Skin Care – 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum is another great topical serum that even skin tone and promotes collagen build-up in the face!

7. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is another under-recognized beneficial ingredient when it comes to anti-aging ingredients. This ingredient really helps to fade scarring or bruising on your skin, along with helping your skin to look younger. It works against the dullness in skin and is particularly powerful against discoloured and veiny appearances in skin. Great for already-damaged skin, Vitamin K works as an ingredient to reverse damage done from aging past. This is an effective natural ingredient to make you look younger than you age.

8. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

ALA is just one more multi-purpose ingredient in good skin care products. Alpha-Lipoic Acid has strong antioxidant properties for the body and skin! It reduces inflammation and aging signs, along with being a powerful preventative measure for heart-disease. ALA also promotes healthy nerve function and proves beneficial in decreasing effects of some diseases that show up with age. Alpha-Lipoic acid usually takes between 3 and 5 weeks to take full effect in the body.

9. Retinol

Retinol is another favourite of mine, and it might be because any product I have used with retinol in it has been effective for me personally. It also covers so many aspects of the skin and isn’t too flashy either. This antioxidant diminishes signs of aging, removes fine lines, and ultimately improves the texture of the skin. Retinol also helps to even out skin tone that has brown spots or wrinkles caused by age and dullness of the skin.

The Advanced Retinol Serum With Time Release Technology from Alchimie Forever is a powerful serum with a gentle system of delivery; it’s amazing how quickly you’ll notice reduction of wrinkles and fine lines! Definitely a personal favourite at Anti-Aging Solutions, this retinol serum combines 2 types of retinol and green tea for an effective anti-aging product.

These are a few of the most effective ingredients you should look for in your anti-aging products. The list of potent ingredients are plenty, and there are more!

26 thoughts on “Best Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients

  1. Thank you for this article! I, personally use Rodan + Fields for my skin care regimen. In addition, I am a firm believer in Biotin! I do take Biotin supplements as I don’t eat a lot of the foods that Biotin is found in. Do you know of a particular brand of Biotin supplements that are better absorbed than the others? I have just been switching up brands every time I make a purchase. It would be nice to just use the best!

    1. Hi Dr. Baker! You are absolutely right about wanting biotin with a high absorption rate, I am also one of those people who does not have a naturally biotin-rich diet. I found that taking biotin in liquid form has been extremely beneficial for a few different reasons. For one, liquid supplement biotin can be mixed into anything and makes the routine less of a chore and fits in naturally to a regular diet. Personally, I’m a big fan of Tropical Oasis Your Vitamins for Life because they have some fun flavours to their supplements. They have some other great multi-vitamins as well, not to mention an absorption rate of 98%!

  2. Thank you for this article! Very informative.Now that I’m in my 30’s I am looking for ways and the best ingredients I have to look for when buying skin care products. I also want to be more cautious now because I noticed nowadays, more and more chemicals are being added to products.I always go for organics or the ones with natural ingredients.

  3. Greetings- Thank you for this comprehensive and long list of this Best Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients. To be honest, amongst the ingredients you have kindly point it out in your list, I didn’t know about Jojoba oil and thankfully I learnt some more new thing about the skin care products. In terms of  green tea and its unique properties for the whole body and especially for facial skin I can only say that is incredible! I am drinking green tea for more than 25 years now and I always feel the amazing effects of it along the way. I have bookmarked your page. Much appreciated!

  4. This is a very lovely article. It is very useful and it’ll definitely help in developing harmless skin Care solution. Making skin look younger can only be achieved if the right products that contains the right ingredients are used and some which you’ve helped to list in this article. This will help enlighten people of what to look out for whenever they’re purchasing a skin care product, and by doing this, the desirable result will be seen. This is a very resourceful article, I love it.

  5. Hi Sonia,

    Thank you very much for this article about skin anti-aging ingredients. Number 4 catches my attention. First time I glanced at the title I thought I am lucky being a coffee drinker, but I found out it is the opposite. I also drink green tea regularly, and I am glad that it is included in your list. I am into green juicing, and I am positive that I get some of the vitamins on your list. Do you recommend that I take it in supplement form? Do you have products to recommend? 

    Thank you,


  6. Thanks for that very informative article. I have always used skincare products. I think it is important even for guys to use skincare products, we need to slow the aging process as well, even more so the older we get. I was unaware you could use Lactic acid and coffee for anti-aging purposes. Do you think drinking coffee has a negative effect on aging? That must be bad news for all coffee drinkers. I didn’t know you could use it topically. Thanks for a great article, I have bookmarked your page for future reference.

    1. Hi Greg, I agree it is very important that men don’t neglect skincare and kudos to you for keeping up with it! To answer your question, there are varying opinions when it comes to drinking coffee for anti-aging purposes; some claim it to be beneficial! I have seen less to prove there is a benefit to the aging process when it comes to drinking coffee. I find using caffeine topically has clear noticeable effects, while drinking coffee has not provided the same effect for me, personally. 

  7. Thanks for this great overview of the best anti aging skin care ingredients. I think what I am most happy about while reading your article is that these all seem to be natural ingredients. I really think that there is too much reliance on chemicals in a lot of the creams that are out on the market today, and it just isn’t necessary when so much goodness can be found in nature. Not only is it not necessary, but it’s also not as healthy. 

    I really think you are doing an awesome thing, opening people’s eyes to the importance of using healthier ingredients in their skin care products!

  8. Hi Sonia, thanks for these wonderful suggestions! Aging is something that if could possibly avoid it, we all would! We always want to have that glow we had in our 20’s especially as females. So many people who try to help their situation with drugs end up having side effects because of them and this is why I have always rely on natural products for the job. I would love to go with green tea as it is one I am very familiar with. Thanks!

  9. Thank you for sharing all the ingredients! Don’t we all want to look young forever? I know I do, for sure. I didn’t know that vitamin B7 is actually biotin. Now I know when I see the supplements I will know what it is it for! I have been using some retinol and vitamin c serum every night before I go to bed. I can see that my complexion is definitely better and thank god I do not see the lines yet but prevention is better than fixing any day. I also use sunscreen everyday since it helps with aging as well!

  10. I was looking forward to reading this article, since I am very interested in finding out more about skin care ingredients, which ones are good and which ones to watch out for. This may seem a silly question but what is the source for lactid acid? Is it dairy?

    I was aware of the many great properties of green tea, but I didn’t know that it was so good for the skin. In the last few days I have started drinking more green tea, and now that I’ve read your article, I will definitely continue this habit 🙂 I also eat a lot of avocados and nuts, so does that mean that I have a healthy intake of vitamin B7? I have also heard of the incredible benefits of retinol. 

    Skin care is important to me, but I have not been consistent. Your articles, however, have really inspired me to take better care of my skin and to make a routine. I need to stick to a skin care routine, stop forgetting to do it. Now that I have learned more about the ingredients, I will definitely check the labels of any products I buy. Which brands do you recommend for facial products?

    1. Not a silly question at all; Lactic Acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). It’s produced commercially through the fermentation of carbs such as glucose, sucrose, or lactose, or chemical synthesis! Nuts are great source of biotin, as well as avocado. They’re also a good source of dietary fibre! There are definitely a number of great brands for different types of facial products. One that I have found to be extremely effective is The Daily Hydration Collagen Moisturizer from Onsen Secret; it’s hydration lasts me the entire day and the collagen boost makes it a greatly effective anti-aging tool. I also use their Eye Lift and Firm kit that has honestly done wonders for me. I vouch for the pictures showing proof on their site; it added so much brightness around my eyes and literally lifted them into place (taking away that tired look). That’s a brand that I have quite a few products from, so I definitely would recommend taking a look!

  11. Hey,

    Your article is what I have been looking for and am so grateful I came across it. some of my sisters back in my country have been really pestering me to buy for them some skin care products since am in a country where I can access any product and is original. I like the way you have explained in detail on each product and it gives a big clear picture of what you really want and what can work on your skin. 

    You are very true about the green tea, on how it can help reduce weight, I concur with you ’cause i once used it and I can tell you, I so the results within a month. What I really love about the products, is they are affordable and easy to access here and I really wanted is the right one.

    Thanks for your quality article and it has really helped me to know what I can buy for my sisters. 

    Regards From, 


  12. Wow, I just wanted to pop in here and say thanks because you gave me so many great ideas on how to care for my skin.  I’m tired of the way my skin looks, and I definitely had no idea where to start.  I mean, there are so many different products on the market, and the way they present their creams and lotions, they all look good, and I feel like now, at least, I will have an idea of what to look for on the ingredients.  Thank you so much!

  13. Hi! I have landed on your site on an other post were you introduced me to some basic cares for our skin involving oils and vitamins. I saw the title to this post and also came here to read it.

    I haven’t been taking vitamin C for sometime, despite it’s famous for so many good things it has for us. But your post has really made me consider incorporating it again into my daily intake. “As important as drinking water!”

  14. Well it looks like its time for me to start my anti aging early, im only 26 but i hear if you start now it gets easier later and considering i am in the sun all day every day my skin needs some love, i will be looking in to some of the things your recommend so thank you

  15. With so many anti aging skincare ingredient in the supermarket shelves today it’s very difficult in making it to a spotless, this post has guided me to the perfect ingredient needed, although they work differently theres no doubt it would help my skin as It’s our body’s largest organ and it requires a complex range of ingredients to look beautiful and ward off telltale signs of aging

  16. Wow!  I had no idea that so many ingredients/options existed for skin care.  Yes, I knew there were a lot of products out there but I honestly thought that most of them were just hype or copies of others, etc.

    I’ve actually used a couple of your recommendations here.  Green tea is an amazing compound (I’m actually not sure if compound is the right term but you know what I mean).

    That said, I’ve never considered caffeine.  I just assumed it was for keeping people alert, LOL.  I never considered using it topically.  I love the smell of coffee so that’s a plus too!


  17. Hi, I’m happy to come across this, rough and dry skin is a very bad and unhealthy type of skin  that makes us age even when we’re very young. There are so many ingredients to choose from, I think it’s necessary to consider you health before selecting because there are some with allergies, it’s very important for them to know about them. Thank you .

  18. Great job and great review. You mentioned a few product types I hadn’t ever considered before – Jojoba oil to be specific. My wife uses Rodan+Fields and often uses them on me, as well. I’ll be sure to mention the Jojoba oil and see if she knows anything about it. Maybe I can surprise her with my knowledge this time.

  19. Wow! Great morning, an back to my favorite website, personally I started before I am trying to fight acne on my face, so any article relating to skin, I find it important to me, for the anti-aging skin scare to be general to everyone, and thus I am interested too.
    Personally I know of green tea, caffeine, but I never knew of the ceramides, I totally agree with the vitamins as you listed on the article. I really appreciate this!

    1. Green tea and caffeine are great to use topically, and can be helpful for numerous skin related issues! Thanks Joy, for stopping in ans sharing!

  20. When it comes to applying products on my body, I am always very selective because some of these things are made from pure chemicals and that’s why I’ve decided to stick with the natural means of moisturizing my skin with natural ingredients. Green tea is really effective, I’ve been into it for a while now, and I make use of essential oils too. 

  21. Thanks a lot for such an amazing content about anti aging skin ingredients. My wife is obsessed with these products. I can say that her skin is really very beautiful and young, like 10 years ago it was the same, she has not changed at all.She mostly uses Vitamin C. It is a very good antioxidant that she takes from different products such as: orange, lemon or  chain fruit. Sometimes it is combined with cinnamon.
    I will share this article with her. She will certainly be very excited.

    All the best. 

  22. I’ve been drinking green tea for weight loss for a little while now and I found it so greatfor my skin too… I have skin that gets red really easily but green tea kind of detoxes it!
    I think that Vitamin C elixir sounds really interesting ! It’s so beneficial to your health topically and when injested.
    These are all great ingredients thanks for listing them out with their benefits 🙂

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