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How to Choose Sunscreen (Do You Know What You’re Looking For?)

For the purposes of younger and healthier skin, you will want a sunscreen that protects and serves, all year round. We’re big believers in sunscreen, even in the winter, because UV rays must be fought no matter the weather!   1. What are UVA and UVB Rays? Make sure you are paying attention to the […]

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How to Sleep Better (Ensure You Get Your Rest)

We all seem to have such a busy lifestyle and often, even those of us who consider ourselves skin-conscious are selflessly neglecting our sleep. There is always a reason to sleep later or uncomfortably, but it’s something to keep in mind, that the more organized your sleep-schedule, the younger your skin can look. You actually […]

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About Sonia

Welcome to Anti-Aging Solutions! We’re here to service your skincare needs and have you feeling like your best self!   MY STORY Hi there! Welcome to Anti-Aging Solutions; your answer to your natural beauty questions and skincare needs! Skincare became a passion of mine when I learned how simply age affects the changes in our […]

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