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Dress to Look Younger (Simple Steps to Look Younger)

How do you dress to look younger? One thing you shouldn’t do, is dress as though you would when you were younger. The goal is not to go back in time, nor is it to be someone you’re not. The best way to look and feel your best, is to incorporate youthful looks in subtle, yet effective ways!

Opt for Some Colour

As someone whose closet is made up of a lot of neutrals and blacks, I feel somewhat hypocritical here. Black is so versatile, it’s slimming and can look good in so many contexts! Okay, so I’m not throwing anything away… but that doesn’t mean I can’t expand my closet and add some colour. Although black clothes are very versatile, the trouble seems to be the seriousness it adds to your outfit.

Of course, it’s not always a bad thing to give off a look of authority, a side effect is the age it adds to you as well. You’ll probably have noticed that people who dress in lighter colours do appear younger. Greyscale patterns work well too! Just expand from all that black, even if you don’t want to. We promise, you’ll adapt and start to enjoy your new, colourful self.

Compliment colourful clothes with a light shade of lipstick, as darker shades of lipstick are aging. Neutral, nude and pink shades are the best bet for a younger look!

Don’t Get Involved In Every Trend

Remember that dressing yourself younger doesn’t mean you are going to try wearing clothes that your kids or little ones would wear, it means knowing what styles will work for you. Just because something is “in” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for everyone to hop on it. Patterns can look good and make you look younger; if you are also aiming to look thinner, then skip the pattern and go for a solid colour.

Say Yes to The Dress

green dress

Dresses are a great way to help a person look thinner and taller. And if you choose the right dress it can help you look younger as well! Turquoise and light blues are great looks for mature women that can portray one’s maturity while keeping you young as well. When you want to dress to look younger, go for solids that are fitted, rather than tight.

Tight clothes and dresses, even when you have a beautiful figure, is not flattering once you are a little older. It’s often a much classier and flattering choice to wear well-fitted clothes rather instead of tight clothes.

Try Pants Without Zippers

A good way to hide a muffin top and dress to look younger is to utilize pants without zippers; they work well to avoid flab coming out over the sides of your pants. There are so many good styles for clothes that hide any extra weight, and meanwhile doing the most to take years off of your age as well!

Wear the Right Shoes

red heels

Something as simple as the difference between dress shoes and heels, pumps and flats, can change your appearance and how old you look. A little extra height is almost always a good idea; it’s slimming and longer legs give off a youthful look. If you’re already tall (luck you), choose a flattering pair of flats. Pumps are usually a more mature look, and if you don’t need the height, there are tons of great options when it comes to flats! If you choose heels, you want thin heels and not the chunky heel or wedge look.

These Dalia Rose Clarks offer the comfort we look for when shopping heels, as well as the class of a long-lasting brand. Not to mention they’re currently at a slashed price.

In the fall and winter, long boots, or knee high boots can be a great choice. In this case, we want to make sure we are getting a classy pair of shoes (there’s a fine line between attractive and trying-too-hard with knee-high boots). Fortunately, we did the work for you and found these beautiful Vince Camuto boots on sale!

Do Not Wear Ill-Fitted Clothes


Shopping for jeans can be tough; it’s so important to find jeans that flatter rather than a pair that accentuates fat or squeezes in the wrong places. Make sure your jeans fit well, even if that means you have to put time aside to try on all the pairs.

We really can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure your clothes are fitted to you. There is no point in buying an expensive dress, pair of pants, top or anything if it doesn’t fit you right. It’s too often people don’t recognize the importance of making sure your clothes are fitted, and we’ll likely be mentioning it again.

It’s such a waste to buy nice clothes in the wrong sizes or made for a different body type, because it takes away from your natural beauty and does harm rather than good. You may think tailoring your clothes sounds high-maintenance but it’s actually the opposite. When you get your clothes fitted, the look better and in that way you are satisfied with them for longer.

Oversized blazers and sweaters sound cute in theory, but when aiming to look younger you are not doing yourself any favours by allowing your figure to get lost in your clothes. You want to wear fitted clothes with colourful accents.



Have some fun with it! Mix and match your accessories with your outfit and just see what looks good on you! One thing we recommend is going overboard with extras; if you are wearing patterns it’s best to make sure your jewelry is classic.

Don’t do too much when it comes to accessorizing: simple is classic and classy. Avoid crowding your outfit, but be open to complimenting it with solid colours, drop earrings or studs. As much as you may like pearls (that’s another thing I can’t seem to let go of), they tend to age you significantly.

Definitely remember to change up your wardrobe and accessories often. As in, don’t wear the same outfits twice in a week. Switch things up! Possibilities are endless, really!

7 thoughts on “Dress to Look Younger (Simple Steps to Look Younger)

  1. Thank you for this great article! I like the color turquoise and so I agree that it will be a good color for a dress. Thanks for explaining how wearing heels can help give you a youthful look by making your legs look longer. But if you are already tall then you can get a flattering pair of flats. That is really smart.

    I also like how you said to get colors and accessorize. Colors and fun accessories definitely give you a more fun and Youthful look. And of course making everything fit okay. Thanks, have a great day!

  2. In all honesty , I found this website very much helpful and top notch. It is excatly what my mom needs. The last time I saw her, she looked like one heck of a Granny and I do not like that at all. I will  surely take her on a personal shopping this weekend. Just trying to rake in ideas on what to focus on while making the several buying  decisions. I like the various suggestions here and the only one we would not be paying attention to is the accessories. She has them in plentifolds already. Thanks

  3. I shared this note and passed on to my girlfriend and younger sister, I read this and this is a really helpful note for ladies specially those who cares a lot about their look. We live in a world that people judge you at the first sight by your look and fashion style. So glad to see that there is some contents like this. Really good content. As I have read your content about grey hair I realized you write about things that makes people feel a touch more confident. That’s great!


  4. I really enjoyed the article and you make a lot of great points.

    I do also find that wearing pants with a zipper makes my stomach look and feel fatter.  I try to aim for stretchy or looser waisted pants to give a slimmer appearance and feel.  This really does work!

    Thank you for the great article and I will definitely keep checking back for more anti-aging tips!

  5. At 65+ I don’t go shopping for clothes any more. I always thought that what I have in my wardrobe was fine. But after reading this I think shopping would not hurt. I am always buying stuff from the second hand stores, it is amazing his much stuff people get rid of. 

    The money is not as lucrative on retirement and you really have to budget.  When I do get some extra I certainly will be shopping again.  Because I live in a small community in the mountains of Arizona I will have to do some on line shops that I like. Wally World doesn’t always cut to buying clothes that fit. I love a lot of the younger styles that they have but it seems that the sizes are only for the teenagers. Nothing in the plus size is available for us older stylishly women. 

    I look forward to reading more of your suggestions. 

  6. Hi! Very nice post, your content and visual aides flow very nicely! Being a bit overweight myself, it is always a challenge for me to find clothes that look good AND feel good with my body type. My husband dreads special occasions because he knows that it means I MIGHT be ready 27 outfits later lol! Being a mother of 5 active children, focus on yourself is less focused on. I’ve got apps on my phone to remind me to take a bit of time to focus on my weightloss goals but like the morning alarm for work…it can be silenced! So the only alternative is to suffer the consequences of my self neglect, which mainly consists of “What Am I Gonna Wear?”! 

    I think, mainly my issue is that I am confused about what body type or shape I actually am…and furthermore, what style works best or which styles to focus on when shopping that will hide what I don’t want to show, but will also flatter what I consider to be my good physical attributes? If I do find something that fits my body well, it almost always doesn’t fit my personality. For someone like me, who doesn’t know a thing about fashion but was raised to ALWAYS look your best (literally, I was raised in a proper canadian family setting…gotta look good to run to the store for milk! lol) no matter where your day takes you, it’s discouraging and a hard hitter on the self esteem when you absolutely can not find anything you feel comfortable in and looks good at the same time. I have read blogs and taken crazy little tests to determine my body situation but I always get mixed answers/messages. One says I fall under the “hourglass”  category while the next says I am more along the lines of an “athletic” type shape! How do I find something to complement my body type that would complement either both types or something in between? Then there’s that personality issue, my family and friends would look at me kind of funny if I were to wear what most shopping guru websites suggest would look good for my frame lol! So where do I find that fine line? The line between looking my best and looking like ME?

    1. Well hello fellow Canadian! You’ve got some great questions; it’s important to feel like yourself and not get bogged down with others’ expectations of how they may think you should look! 

      First thing I definitely think is to pay most focus to how you feel about how you look, and not at all about others. Secondly, it’s interesting how you mention being possibly an hourglass or athletic shape, because those are usually quite different. I’ve always wanted to have the hourglass shape myself, because I always though that would mean I would look good in whatever I chose to wear. However, I have what they call “banana” shape, which means I am pretty evenly distributed. Also referred to as the “rectangular” body type. It is possible that if you fall between athletic and hourglass, you may be like me! These are some of the traits that are definitive of the “banana” shape. 

      – Your shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width

      – Your weight is fairly evenly distributed and your waist is not defined

      – You tend to put on more weight in the stomach area

      If it is the case that any of these define your body type, you will want to accentuate curves and try clothes that cinch at the waist to define it! Say yes to clothes to emphasize the waist, belted dresses and boat neck shirts look great! Try and avoid shapeless clothes. Anything that creates a waist is good, and pants with a slight flare are great for this body type.

      Most importantly, remember that whatever body type you are, you were created that way and can look great with the right pointers!

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