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How to Prevent Wrinkles (And Treat Them Too)

Wrinkles have this way of sneaking up on you. You don’t think of it happening, in the practical, literal, showing-up sense. Yes, of course we all get older and most of us are at least somewhat aware of it… it’s in the back of our minds. And yet, we wake up one day, look in the mirror and notice these fine lines around our eyes, or our smiles in a photo.

There’s nothing wrong with getting older; wisdom and beauty comes with age. But that doesn’t mean that we have to give in to wrinkles. It’s completely preventable, and we’ll tell you how to get around it.


1. Protect your skin from the sun

We can’t stress this enough. It’s widely known that the sun’s ultraviolet rays are detrimental to the skin, but that sunlight is also necessary to manufacture Vitamin D. Frequent or prolonged exposure to UV rays over years is the main cause of skin cancer. UV rays from the sun take time to do their damage; over years, (UV) light damages elastin, which are fiber in the skin. When elastin breaks down, the skin starts sagging and loses the firmness is used to have, including ability to go back into place after being stretched. This also causes skin to tear and bruise easier, and makes for a longer healing process. You also can’t afford to forget that on the days that it’s cloudy, doesn’t mean there is no sun! Ultraviolet rays can reach you despite glum weather.

Of course, it is a difficult task to avoid the sun altogether, and it’s not at all what we are asking of you. Skin-protection comes in many forms, the obvious being sunscreen. You can also sport a sunhat or a scarf around the neck to protect yourself from forming wrinkles on the most delicate parts of your skin. Sunglasses are a plus, even more-so if you can find types that block out a significant percentage UV rays. If possible, try covering up; long sleeves are good for protecting the skin!

2. Avoid smoking

If you can avoid it altogether, of course, your entire body will thank you. Smoking causes stroke and coronary heart disease, both of which are among the leading causes of death in the U.S. Smoking is a main cause of lung cancer wherever you might live, and over time it makes a person look and feel worse in a number of ways.

Teeth begin to yellow, your sense of smell becomes immune to your own cigarette-infused-musk, and you begin to develop wrinkles.

Studies find that cigarette smoke ultimately ages the skin by releasing an enzyme which breaks down elastin and collagen in the skin. It’s one of the reasons you will notice that the cigarette habit seems to age a person and fine lines develop faster. Try cosmetic products with alpha-hydroxy or glycolic acids in them to reverse damage done by smoking.


3. Ensure Adequate Sleep

This means making some time for yourself as well as investing in a mattress that’s comfortable and firm, and in bed-wear that takes care of you. Sleeping on your back can help to reduce wrinkles that occur on the face when you sleep in other positions that press down on your face. When you sleep on your side it increases wrinkles on the cheeks and chin.

When you aren’t getting enough sleep, you allow dullness of the face to creep up on you. To make sure you are making the most of your sleep, aim for the recommended 8 hours per night and do not settle for an uncomfortable sleep. Getting sleep isn’t enough: you have to make sure you reach the deep sleep needed to really rest your mind and body. If you are sleeping in uncomfortable positions or on an less-than-perfect mattress, trust us, your body knows it.

One effective way to ensure sufficient, deep, sleep is to get comfortable. We recommend a good contour pillow which can help make it easier to sleep on your back. Contour Living has endless options for ensuring a healthier and better rest, and pillows for every kind of sleeper (whether you sleep on your side or on your stomach)! They also have bed wedges that help position your mattress into the comfortable position your require. Personally, we love the memory foam mattress topper, because it does everything a memory foam mattress could do, but for less, as it can slide right on top of your current mattress!

4. Eat More Fish and Vegetables

Salmon, in particular, is a great source of protein and the source of the essential fatty acid known as omega-3. Essential fatty acid scan aid in nourishing the skin, make it look youthful and helps to reduce wrinkles. The antioxidants in vegetables help fight damage caused by free radicals. This helps skin look more radiant and brightens the face.

Vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat, and don’t have any cholesterol. Providing potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid vitamin A and C, veggies help to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and can even lower the risk of heart disease.  The pluses of eating your vegetables are plentiful, as you may imagine. Add them into your regular diet to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming.

5. Topical Antioxidants and Vitamins

Idebenone is a man-made drug that was initially developed for the purposes of treating Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive defects; it’s since been found to have added effects for the skin when used topically. Studies have noted a decrease in dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, while providing an increase in hydration when used topically. Another great way to treat wrinkles is by using topical retinoids. Derived from vitamin A, retinoids can be applied to the skin to help reduce fine wrinkles, creasing, rough and dry skin.


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  1. Everyone cares about their skin but just don’t know the how-to’s of taking care of it. The sun can really damage the skin when a person goes out for a long time and isn’t using anything to protect themselves. Activities like mowing the lawn, working the gardens, playing any sports, hiking and so forth all require that we take the time to protect our skin and prevent damage. I should definitely try to eat more fish and vegetables to improve my skin; alas, it’s easier said than done. A little reminder and nudge in the right direction always helps!

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