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How to Create a Skincare Routine – You Can Look the Way You Want To

Great skin is dependent on both your DNA and on your daily skincare habits. Both of these things happen to have a huge impact on what you see in the mirror before you. What can get distracting are all ot the many “suggestions” vs. the “necessary” steps to having good skin. What is truly crucial to good skincare and what is unnecessary? What is the difference between unhealthy skin and good skin, and the steps from good skin to glowing?

With the seemingly endless recommendations on how to best care for your skin, it makes it hard to know where to begin. Ultimately, caring for your skin is genuinely personal, but there are also general rules that can help you kick-start your routine.


Three Main Steps

The best way to begin a life of healthy skincare is to think of your regimen as consisting of three main steps:

  • Cleansing — Washing your face
  • Toning — Balancing out your skin
  • MoisturizingNourishing and hydrating your skin

The simple purpose of every skincare routine is to tune your complexion so that it looks its best and help you to treat any areas of your skin that are not functioning at their optimal capacity. The science behind skin-care products has certainly come a long way but in order to see lasting benefits of your skincare routine you have to be patient, too. Start by getting used to the three steps above because that is the foundation of your skincare regimen.



Washing the face is the basic, yet most essential start to your routine. It’s not just how you wash your face that makes the difference, but also how often, and what type of face wash you use.

In general, you should be washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. It is not beneficial to wash your face too often. Also, remember to use a cleanser to wash your face, and not a bar of soap, which will dry out your skin.

When looking for a facial cleanser, a best practice is to consider your skin type. Is your skin is generally oily, dry, normal, or combination of the two? If you have sensitive skin, or if you’re acne prone, and any other skin conditions should be considered as well. And if you have no idea where to start, or aren’t sure if your skin is any of these things you can check in with a dermatologist for some beginner tips.

Our recommendation when it comes to cleansers, is going with something that has natural ingredients. Products that are natural tend to work with all skin types and are gentler for the skin. The Everything Cleanser by NGS is a perfect cleanser made with only a handful of natural ingredients such as kelp, tea tree, pine bark and lemon, which blend together to cleanse pores, remove makeup and make your skin brighter.

Another top pick we couldn’t go without mentioning is “The Cleanser; made with chamomile extract, oak root and sweet almond oil which together help to soothe and hydrate skin. This cleanser feels great on the skin and leaves it feeling clearer and cleaner.

The best part is they are both good for all skin types: dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination and normal.



Facial toner is essentially the in-between skincare step as it is meant to be used after washing your face but before using your moisturizer.

Today’s toning formulas are composed of thin liquids which deliver an extra shot of nutrients that help the other products in your regimen absorb better, rather than toner’s that people used decades ago, which only dried out the skin. A toners’ main purpose is to balance your complexion. There are good ingredients to look for in your toner that won’t dry out your skin:

  • Alpha and beta hydroxy acids: AHA’s work to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores, and help to improve sun-damaged skin while minimizing dullness.
  • Hyaluronic acid boosts hydration in the skin and seals in dewiness and plumps skin which can treat fine lines.
  • Rose water and green tea calms irritation and reduces redness and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.
  • Vitamin E and C works to fight exposure to free radicals that the skin faces. Free radicals age the skin.

Apply toner using clean hands is another best practice. Pour a few drops in your palm, then swipe it on; do not use too much. You can also dab some onto a cotton cloth and gently swipe it onto your face. Use toner after cleansing, before you moisturize.

Our top pick is the Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner. Again, great for every skin type, it is a botanical-infused oil balancing facial toner that’s made with organic jasmine water to refresh the skin completely. Some of its’ main ingredients are white willow bark, ginger root, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera and they leave skin feeling anew.





Moisturizing is recommended for use on all skin types and should be used year round, although sometimes it is neglected in the summer. In the summer the skin doesn’t feel dry, generally, so moisturizing sometimes goes overlooked. Yet, it is the most basic function of a moisturizer is to hydrate and soften the skin. The texture of your moisturizer can be different dependent on your skin type.

Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin problems forming. One thing people don’t realize is that moisturizing can also reduce the appearance of blemishes! Freshly moisturized skin has a healthy sheen and some moisturizers even have a tint that can work with different skin tones.

Creams that are applied in the morning are ready to protect your skin from the environmental aggressors that you would face when leaving the house! Lots of moisturizing creams contain antioxidants that help minimize pollution-based free radicals and sunscreen to shield you from ultraviolet radiation. These typically have a lightweight consistency. On the other hand, are night creams. Their focus is on repairing any damage you might have picked up throughout your day, using ingredients like retinol. Retinol is an amazing anti-aging ingredient that speeds cellular turnover and counteracts dark spots at the same time.

Our top pick for a moisturizer that works with every skin type is the PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer. It’s especially great for dehydrated skin. It’s all natural and super hydrating. Ceramides and squalane help to fortify the skin’s moisture barrier while vitamin C brightens and supports the skin against environmental stressors. It also has in the mix a non-irritating bio-available retinol, which diminishes the appearance of fine lines.


Creating your skincare routine doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you have never had a consistent one before. Make sure to begin by cleansing, follow up by toning and moisturizing. Following this routine every day will help you to ease into a regimen that you can follow each day.

4 thoughts on “How to Create a Skincare Routine – You Can Look the Way You Want To

  1. Thanks for posting this informative article, you’ve actually mentioned what most people would love to see and read about because keeping a glowing and healthy skin is what we all desire. Its nice that you shared those three steps, I’ve been practicing them before now but not really consistently, I’ll follow these steps and I know I’ll gett positive outlook.

  2. Great basic steps for any one who isn’t sure where to start with their skincare regimen. It’s a lot of little things that add up to a really important thing: healthier skin. I used to be a lot better about my skin care routine and it’s something I keep wanting to start again. It’s a weird thing to be procrastinating about, but I think when you haven’t been doing something and you shouldve been, you start to think it’s a hassle to start. 
    Breaking it down in to easy steps like this makes it a lot less scary, lol. I do regularly cleanse, but everything else is something I will start doing.

  3. I am very naughty about keeping up with a regular skin care plan. So I appreciated you reminding me about toning. I always think this step isn’t important but you show the ways that it is. I used to keep up with one, but like you said it is easy to fall out of the habit..,

    The idea of using natural products is really attractive to me, as I am usually put off by all the chemicals in so called gentle products.


  4. I always think of toning as an unnecessary step but at one point I stopped using it altogether and noticed my skin just seemed like my complexion wasn’t as balanced as it was when I did use toner.
    Now I couldn’t tell you if that’s because my skin was used to it and it just started actin different because I stopped.. because I know that can happen. Either way, now I’m in the habit of doing all three things (i sometimes skip out on exfoliating but I always moisturize) and my skin is starting to look all healthy again! Always good to have a reminder even still! Thanks!

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