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How to Keep Younger Looking Skin – A Simple Guide

How Do I Keep Younger Looking Skin?

That is definitely the main question; but not the only one you should be asking. Before jumping in to any promise of resolve, it is important to know exactly what it is you are looking for. Are you looking for a preventative measure or are you trying to get rid of past damage done?

The answer to these questions will make a difference regarding what kind of solution you works for you. And a lot of the time, people know what they want their end result to be, but don’t always know their personal starting point.

When thinking about how to have younger looking skin, these are some of the things you’ll want to consider.

If I am a young girl in my late twenties hoping to preserve my youth, I will be using a different product than if I am in my early 50’s and trying to get rid of wrinkles and laugh lines. Using a great product for the wrong concern will only discourage you in a fight that you absolutely CAN win.

How Do I Know What Will Work For Me?

It can be a real strain on your time and your wallet having to continually perform trial and error with new products. Knowing your skin type goes a LONG way when trying to find products that work for YOU. Skincare is like dieting for some people; often they will experiment with all different kinds of methods aiming for the same result. Now, there is definitely some truth to personalizing diets, and the same goes for skincare. The better you know your body, the better you will understand how to take care of it. However, there are certain basics to both losing weight and caring for your skin that are consistent, and knowing them will save you from a lot of experimenting.

Rule #1: Know What is in Your Productfacial cream

If you know what that medical jargon on the back label of your product means, you’ll know what you are looking for in the future; what works and what doesn’t work. Say, I buy a product with salicylic acid in it (a common ingredient used for shedding the outer layer of your skin) and I find that it is harsh and causes redness on my skin. The next time I try something new, if salicylic is present in the formula I’ll have wasted money even though I could have know this ingredient would not work for my skin.

Check out our article “Best Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients“, where we will give you a rundown of some of the ingredients to look for and avoid when using anti-aging skin products.

Rule #2: Have a Routine

Why spend money and time on a product that you use occasionally or with no fore-thought? It is important to make a routine of your skin care habits and to follow that routine consistently. I can’t tell you the number of times I half-committed to solving a particular issue by buying an effective product that I only used when I remembered to.

Like any other endeavour, your skin’s health will only reflect the effort you put into it. If you want to get rid of a problem, give the product a chance to fix it by building a skincare routine. There are certain ways that you can ensure a more effective use of your products and get the most out of your skincare regimen. One of them, of course, is sticking to that regimen.

A favourite at Anti-Aging Solutions is the VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager, a handheld massaging stick that is made to reduce wrinkles and boost the effects of whatever product you are already using! Used in combination with your favourite anti-aging moisturizer (or any of your face-products, really) the massager absorbs your product to make it work at its maximum strength. The device is a complete contouring system that is so easy to use, and helps get the most out of your products. As any product works best the better it is absorbed into the skin, this massager does exactly that and then some, to make you look like your best self.

Rule #3: Hydrate, Moisturize, Exfoliate

Wondering what to do to shave off some years and how to look younger? Hydrating is crucial; to both the inside and outside of your skin. If you’re not someone who drinks a lot of water, trust me, I understand. At first I thought it was a chore, and I was honestly surprised to find that as I slowly increased my daily water intake, I became quickly accustomed to the routine. It was probably one of the easiest things I had to get to used to.

One of the many benefits of moisturizing includes that it hydrates your skin from the outside, which is very important. No matter what products you are using, it’s necessary that you use them correctly and consistently. If a label says daily, make an effort to do it daily. If it says weekly, try and maintain that treatment. If your skin is sensitive, try using homemade products for your facial cleanser/exfoliator (like oatmeal, honey, banana etc.) rather than store-bought products. If you want a little of both, try natural or organic products, made with ingredients from the earth.

Try simple treatments to moisturize the skin under your eyes: this is one of the biggest revealers of age. When your under-eyes look fresh and wrinkle-free, you immediately look younger.

To ensure an efficient and cost-effective routine, try to keep your moisturizing and exfoliating products of the same brand. They often work best hand in hand, rather than numerous different products.

We are particularly fond of The Spa Dr’s Daily Essentials 4 Step Skin Care System because it takes care of all the steps in your routine with gentle, non-toxic ingredients. With easy-to-follow, healthy ingredients, The Spa Dr’s “Clear, Nourish, Renew, Enhance” system provides an entire foundation of an anti-aging cleansing routine. It’s a favourite because the anti-aging regimen is suited to all skin-types and is not harsh on the skin.

woman face

Rule #4: Rest

Yes. A balanced sleep schedule is pertinent to maintaining a healthy, young glow about your skin. We have stressful home-lives, or work-lives; in many cases, both. But your skin shouldn’t have to bear the damage. Take a night, or even a couple hours a week to de-stress and give yourself some credit. Try a face mask and lay down, or treat yourself to manicure at home.

Really, caring for your skin and body doesn’t have to be a chore. If you are someone who has trouble getting to sleep at a decent hour each night, try increasing supersize in your daily routine. You can also try taking a hot bath before bed, putting your phone and any electronics away at least 2 hours before sleeping, or even meditation!

There are lots of other ways to ensure a good night’s rest and daily breaks you can take that will be beneficial to your skin as well. Check out our article “How to Ensure You Get Your Rest” to find out other ways to get the most out of your resting hours!

Rule #5: Stay Educated

You have to remember to keep yourself updated, and the best way to do that is research. If you’re not sure what might be good for your skin, look it up. Find similar people with similar questions and you’re bound to find answers to yours.

Once you know what you’re looking for, your search for the right product will narrow itself down. Find out what people are saying about the products you’re interested in before making your decision. Like most people, I tend to lean towards products that have reviews by similar people who have skin conditions like mine. Compared to when I’ve gone into a product blind, when I have done even minimal research, it’s always resulted in a happier purchase.

Bottom Line

Stay true to these few steps and you will find permanent solutions to your skin-care needs. Make sure you know what is in your product to save yourself from wasting money or doing further damage to your skin. Keep a routine! Stay hydrated inside and out, and be sure to consistently exfoliate and moisturize. There’s no sense in going into any routine without intention of keeping it up! And remember to give yourself some credit. REST! Getting the required amount of sleep and de-stressing your body is so that you feel AND look better.

Not getting enough rest will appear on your face, so if you won’t do it for your mental health, do it for your physical health (and be doubley-rewarded when your entire self feels and looks better). Lastly, keep yourself posted. Know what new solutions are working for people and what is just a fad. Being educated will give you a head-start and land you exactly where you want to be, for clearer, younger looking skin!

19 thoughts on “How to Keep Younger Looking Skin – A Simple Guide

  1. A smooth, ever young skin is what everyone will dream of and this can only be done through the right measures. Effectiveness of these anti-aging  solutions is based thoroughly on the user, like knowing your kind of skin and what is best to be applied in the process of taking care of it. Also, before applying a new product, know the components of the product and then you’ll be able to determine the result to be expected. Following the order of application will help quick result so stay true to the appropriate steps given.

  2. After reading through I’ve concluded that consistency is the key to achieving great results. What I will have to work more on is the sleep….this night I struggled for a while before sleeping. My work schedule also makes it a bit challenging to have a regular and consistent time for sleep. So, I’ve been experimenting nowadays to find a suitable sleeping time for my line of work. 

    I don’t want to look older before my age so now is the time to make it right. Thanks for sharing this point. It has drawn my attention. 

  3. An extraordinary post about anti-aging solutions! Knowing what you want before jumping to conclusion is very vital after going through this guide. You’ve really done a great job by providing detailed explanation on the all the listed rules. I think I need to start working on Hydrate, Moisturize, Exfoliate rule because it really affects me. I love your final bottom line by staying truthful to the listed steps and knowing what is package inside a product to avoid more damages to the skin. Much obliged to you.

  4. I’m in my mid 30’s and starting to develop wrinkles and fine lines. There are also times when my skin feels really heavy as if sebum are all over my face. During these times, I switch to rejuvenating skin care. It works for me but the down side is the skin peeling which I have to endure because my face looks like a map. I counter the peeling my doubling the hydration and staying out from the sun. 

    For my exfoliation, I like the combination of powdered green tea and oat meal. It helps to keep my face soft without the dryness and it really feels super clean. I also like to use regular moisturizer and a tea tree serum. At my age, I wonder why I still have an oily skin. Some say it’s better to fight wrinkles, but it feels really irritating because of the dirt seeping into your skin. 

    I am one of those who are guilty in not doing this regularly or according to prescribed direction. Your post made me realize how important it is to have skin care as a regular routine. Thank you for the nice tips!

  5. Hi,  Thanks for the information!  Do you know what?  I started drinking water daily and the improvement, after several weeks, on my scraggly neck blew me out of the park!  Something easy to do and costs zero.  

    One thing I wondered if you could do is write an article on different skin types. Do I ‘know my skin’? Certainly not I’m sorry to say. When I was a teenager I had oily sections, however now as a senior my skin is drier. Natural process, I guess. I do moisturize, and that’s about it for me. I am a bit lazy and not so obsessed with trying to look like the younger version of me. In some ways, I see weathered faces and laugh lines as “story tellers” and find them useful in my art! Having said that, I appreciated your article and the awareness you brought to simple things like drinking water. It can’t hurt to try a couple of these tasks, and I think I need a routine as well. Amazing!  Cheers 

  6. As a male in his late 40s, I am getting more self conscious about my skin as I get older. A few years ago, I asked and received some face moisturizing cream for a birthday. Once it ran out I didn’t replace it. I find it hard to justify spending that kind of money. Getting into a routine becomes difficult as a result.

    The hydration thing I do find much easier. I use to always have a water bottle on my desk or near me. It became a constant reminder that I needed to drink water. Now that I am working more regularly from home I am not so diligent, though having a water bottle handy (& visible) is the key to making sure you hydrate. Otherwise you become to busy and your focus is elsewhere. You have made some great points and something I need to reconsider.

  7. I definitely need to work on routine … I tend to forget to moisturize … On most nights I remember to do it, but I easily forget, I will also read your article concerning ingredients of skincare products, that is something I really want to know. 

    As for sleep, I think I sleep enough, I drink water blended with fruits, which is delicious and loaded with vitamins 🙂 

    You’re very right when you say that the biggest age revealer is the skin under your eyes. I hadn’t even thought of that, but it is true … I’m going to look into some skincare products for that area. Which ones do you recommend?

    This was a very informative article, I’m looking forward to reading more from you. I feel that I don’t do enough skincare, and I should spend more time on it. 🙂 

    1. Drinking water blended with fruits is such a smart way to stay hydrated! As for eye-care, I think that it’s so important and fortunately using just one effective product can make the difference right away! I have a few I particularly like!

  8. Thank you for this easy-to-read article. Skincare is critical to me. I do have a daily and weekly routine that I am VERY adamant about following through with and I LOVE water! I drink a gallon a day! Rest is what really gets me. I just can’t put my work down in the evenings. I bet I average about 4-5 hours of sleep per night. I wish that I could do better at this. After reading this, I think that I will try a bit harder! Thank you for a little bit of motivation. Great read.

  9. I really am not sure why moisturizing is so difficult for me to do regularly.  Maybe there is something in my mindset that says I have to maintain some type of manly ruggedness or I am just not realizing how important taking care of my skin is.  Now that I have read your article, I know this is something that I need to really consider.  I especially have dryness on my hands, and face… and at age 55, is consistent with the Marlboro man look… (even though i do not smoke anymore)… What really caught my attention is that we should make moisturizing a routine.  I just need to schedule it and start creating the habit of doing it regularly.  What kind of moisturizers do you recommend for men.

  10. Love the website thanks for the valuable information, I totally agree it’s every person has their own ideal routine I see this in all aspects of life. This makes more sense to what works and what doesn’t and your blog has made me realise that it comes down to skincare too so thank you for your information.

    Id like to know what products you would recommend for a rough skin and also scars please Thanks,

    Matthew Hildreth

  11. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .A smooth beautiful skin is something everyone dreams about and it is only possible through the right system .I am very aware of my skin and try along how it looks so beautiful to me .Before using a product I try to find out the ingredients in the product and then anticipate the result .I always try to keep my skin young .For better results like skincare diet, I have experimented with different methods .I can take better care of my skin as I know it .There are some basics for both reducing my weight and taking care of my skin .I used VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager because allergies are very helpful in reducing .And one of the many benefits of moisturizing is that it hydrates my skin from the outside, which is very important to me. Also, I tried to get rid of my mental stress through adequate sleep as well as drank lots of water which could have the effect on my face and thus I tried to keep my youth young and I succeeded.I hope everyone reading your article will benefit greatly and share their new experiences with you soon .

  12. I really enjoy reading your articles. I realize now my biggest problem is not reading the labels to see if there are ingredients that does not agree with my skin type. I also would start a routine, but not keep at it. Getting more rest and relaxing more will also definitely help me out. These are easy ways to get started!

  13. Hey Sonia! This is very interesting. Indeed, finding the particular product which will perfectly suit you, isn’t an easy task at all! Therefore knowing the ingredients used in making a particular product before using it will go a long way to help find the perfect one for you other than trying almost everything prescribed for you. 

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s really helpful!

  14. Like many other commenters here, the place where I fall down really is lack of routine. It’s easy enough to do everything in the morning but remembering to moisturise at night is really tricky. And yes, lack of sleep is one of the worst things, I really notice it in my skin the next day but again, it can be really hard to get enough sleep, especially when you’re a woman in her mid-forties who is suffering from night sweats. But there are steps here I can take to improve my skin, so thanks for sharing.

  15. Having read this post as something of a self conscious male I was wondering all the way through if it was written for anyone or just for ladies!

    I was not surprised but delighted when I went to read the comments below that your commenters were equally representative of the genders.

    This caused me to go back and read again and I must say I am convinced by the argument you make and the benefits of the very well described procedures and rituals around ant ageing treatments.

    Thanks for a great read and giving me much food for thought.


  16. Thanks for this eye opener, I must be committed to knowing what I am using, I will henceforth take note of the ingredients of my body cream and another vital mention I see is the issue of my poor water intake and inadequate rest. This two things I must consciously take note of and address appropriately

  17. Thanks for this nice article ! I personally have a skincare routine which I found very effective 🙂 It is called “Layering”. Here are the steps to follow : 

    1: Make-up removal with plant oil (I use Jojoba oil)
    2: Cleansing with a non petrochemical soap
    3: Toner (floral water, lavender or cider vinegar, lemon juice or rice water)
    4: Serum (like aloe vera)
    5: Eye Contour (cornflower floral water, cucumber, ice cubes…)
    6: Hydrating with a plant oil mixed up with aloe vera 
    7: A lip balm (coconut oil works fine) !

    I use only raw natural/organic products 🙂

    And of course eating lots of organic veggies and sleeping enough will help a lot keeping a beautiful and young skin ! 😉

  18.  Knowing what you want before jumping to conclusion is very vital after going through this guide. You’ve really done a great job by providing detailed explanation on the all the listed rules. Also, before applying a new product, know the components of the product and then you’ll be able to determine the result to be expected. Following the order of application will help quick result so stay true to the appropriate steps given. Your guide is very helpful for everyone.

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