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How To Look Your Best at 40

The best way to look good at 40 is to start taking care of your body early on. Start by knowing that life doesn’t end as soon as you think it will; just because you’re not 20 anymore doesn’t mean you’re not a person anymore. And if you are past 40, and you didn’t really worry about it before, realize it’s never too late to start taking care of you


1. Minimize Your Stress

How To Look Young Again

When attempting to combat stress using breathing techniques can be very effective and is recommended by beauty specialists. Breathing techniques are a great way to relax during times of stress. If you’re one of those people who has mastered the art of self-care, you know how important it is to put aside at least half an hour each day to just relax. Try and make sure you dedicate at least ten minutes every day to easing your stress. Breathing exercises relax the muscles, heart, airways, blood vessels, and the gastrointestinal tract.

Another great way to reduce stress is meditation. This is an amazing way to bring about short-term stress relief as well as lasting stress management benefits. Meditation can take some practice for sure, but there are many different forms of meditation you can try as a beginner as well.

Here at Anti-Aging Solutions we are big believers in yoga! And If you are someone who practices yoga, you may notice how stress-relieving it can be. There are all different types of yoga, with beginner levels, yoga you can practice at home in your living room and intermediate levels too. Yoga is like the exercise-version of meditation, and it such a healthy addition to anyone’s daily routine.

Aromatherapy is another great way to help yourself kick stress tho the curb. It can help you feel more energized and relaxed. It’s also a great way to feel more present in your surroundings. Diffusers, candles and candle-lit baths are just a few ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your lifestyle.

There are countless ways to reduce the stress you may experience in the daily grind, by just adjusting a few minor details in your day-to-day schedule.


2. Maintain Your Skin-Health

Maintain Your Skin Health

It takes action to conquer aging skin, and in order to look your best after forty, you have to give yourself some extra attention. In particular, take care of your face by offering your body enriching foods. Diet and exercise have as much to do with how your face looks as the treatments you use. There are some simple and easy beauty tips to refer to for pampering your face! For one thing, it’s a good idea to invest in a cleanser that contains alpha-hydroxy acids. AHA’s work to properly stimulate cells and help to prime your skin for better absorption of moisturizing products.

A good tip is to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells; there is an instantaneous glow associated with shedding old skin in this way!

Good anti-aging serums will often contain antioxidants like resveratrol and Vitamin C and D. These ingredients help rid you of any inflammation that may be caused by free radicals and it helps to even out your skin tone. It also gets rid of dullness and puffiness. A night cream that deeply penetrates and moisturizes the skin is a good idea for overnight effects.

Having a skin-care routine is key to creating healthy and young skin. This Intensive Cleanse Complete Set from Gold Elements offers everything you need and then some, including instructions on what to use first and how to use them most effectively (not to mention, it’s currently offered at a great value for 6 items).


3. Create a Positive Attitude and Maintain Good Energy

How to Look Young

Exercise is a great way to boost energy and maintain a positive attitude overall. If it’s not something you are used to it can seem like a chore to start, but just because beginnings may be daunting doesn’t mean the overall pay-off won’t be worth it. In fact, sometimes the things that start out being the most difficult, can provide the largest reward in the end.

When attempting to maintain a more positive attitude, focus on the positives of life! Whenever you encounter challenges throughout your life, the best way to maintain a positive mindset is to focus on the benefits, no matter how small or unimportant they seem in light of the difficulty.

For instance, you get a flat tire in the middle of the road and now you have to be towed. It’s totally okay to acknowledge that it sucks, and you’re going to be late for work. And that sucks. But it’s not a bad thing to remind yourself that at least you weren’t in a car accident, and you are still without a scratch.

A positive attitude is maintained by trying, and there are many different things you can do to ensure that you keep trying.

Woman Doing Yoga

We talked a bit about yoga a little about earlier, and we want to emphasize the benefits you can experience from incorporating in to your daily life. Yoga combines physical movement, meditation, light exercise, and controlled breathing to help a person relieve themselves of stress, as well as put them in a better mood overall. Even a single yoga session, will prove immediate results of a more positive mood and more energy!

Of course, there are long-term benefits if you take the time to incorporate it into your daily life. Yoga offers endless benefits to a person’s look and overall health, through a variety of physical, psychological, and spiritual means.

To kickstart one could join a class, enroll in an online program, or use a online videos to help you begin!

4. Create a Good Social Network

Yoga Help You Look Young

A good social network is crucial to a healthy and happy life, and you can preserve your youth by making a habit of spending time with friends and family you enjoy. The inclusion of supportive people in life is vital to stress management, and if you find that your daily life is lacking in emotional supports, it’s important to seek it.

This could mean reaching out to an existing network, or slowly creating one. You might need to expand your current network, go out more, schedule evenings out or lunch with work colleagues. You could attend community events or visit the local gym or recreation center for events that are open to the public.

All in all, it is important to include some time with others, have a movie night with friends or host a dinner party; all of these things are good ways to make sure you are involved in a social life beyond work and the things you are obligated to do each day.

The best way to continue to look good in to your later years, is to continue to keep your mind and body young. Go out with friends and acquaintances, take some time for yourself and get a mani-pedi, join a gym-class. Break out of any monotonous routine, because monotony can lead to a complacent lifestyle. Have fun; the better you feel on the inside, the better you’ll look on the outside, too.

16 thoughts on “How To Look Your Best at 40

  1. Everything you have shared here is Stoll centered on us as individuals to be very active in whatever we do in order to over come aging. Getting the body actively happy and to ooze of the positive vibes, it would be a lot easier then to get the body look younger and full of life. But if we are almost against everything listed here, then it becomes almost impossible for the body not to be sick

  2. Once again I’ve stumbled upon an article of yours, I always check them out along your website, I believe everyone would really like to remain young especially the looks, and now here you are share wonderful tips on how to look younger in your 40s. It’s evident that stress can make someone look old as the mind is never stable, about the skin, that is what I have been following your post for. 

    Currently I am trying to improve the health of my skin, and I have been reading your articles and following your ideas, and truly I can see some changes! 

  3. Thanks for this lost on how to get an anti-ageing solution, well as well know stress really cause a lot of thing in human beings, some years back when I have about 3 jobs which I do per day, those periods I had a very irritated and aged skin, because I had no time to take of it and also stress it up, but now that I got an office job I sit down in work all day no stress then I have been experiencing a good nature of my skin .thanks

  4. Nice article. As a body care specialist, I think before one get to 40 he/she should strive to maintain a slim figure–excess weight can make you look older. Apply a light, but professional hand to your makeup. Looking very-well groomed makes you look younger while heavy makeup looks aging. In general, light or bright colors, feminine fabrics and modern stylish hair styles are youthful, but dressing down (sombre colors, drab haircut) can be very aging. Moderate regular exercise and Retin-A can do wonders for your skin. That’s a lot; I know it sounds a little out of it but this is what I do and I has really worked.

  5. Hello there thanks for this awesome article, as for myself, I wouldn’t wait for 25 or 30. Even at 18, you should start taking care of your skin a bit more. Use facial wash and moisturizer daily. Wear sunscreen outside during the summer/spring and early fall. Practicing good hygiene makes your skin look younger and healthier. Be yourself and have your own sense of style and always try to smile when you talk to people. This will make you appear youthful!

  6. Hey, these four non – surgical ways to look younger looks magical. I mean they work like magic even though they are not magic. So many ways with which one can easily get relief from stress or minimise it. I never had an idea about all those ways except Yoga and breathing exercises. Do you know? Breathing exercises also help in music… 😀

  7. Yoga is good to practice to get rid of all the toxins in your body. For us to maintain looks younger we will have to get rid all the toxins in our body. From physical to mental. Then staying young shouldn`t be a problem. Toxins are the number one cause that our body will get old.

    Physical— doing some exercise

    Mental—–yoga is the number one

  8. Prevention they say is better than cure; it is always better if it can be done non – surgically, at early ages and continually without end. Stress has a way of causing wrinkles and aging hence tip 1 will help.

    I agree especially with maintenance of skin health with proper diets and skin care products., I also think that exercise is one of the best way to look younger. It boosts energy and keeps the body fit. Being happy and enjoying good times with family and friends is something really important for sure.

  9. Exercise is a good anti ageing device,the deep breathing of a workout,not only strengthens the muscles,but gives you a healthy attitude,and reduces stress.

    Meditation is good,as long as you focus on positive subjects,your family,a loved one,while you do the yoga exercises, aroma therapy will also help you to relax,and make you more energized. 

    A healthy body,and skin,is necessary to counter, the effects of ageing,a good skin conditioner will assist in this process,containing resveratrol, and vitamins C and D,contains anti-oxidants, which reduces inflammation, caused by free radicals,and gives you better skin tone.


  10. I’m going to be 39 in January and never thought the day would come where I’m almost 40 and actually looking for ways to look younger. Great tips you have there, I think they will help people look younger as well as feeling younger which are both equally as important. I’m currently very stressed out everyday and I’m trying to do breathing and meditation exercises, but I’m very bad at sitting still, I think running or jogging would be a better choice for me. I’ve also been listening to some positive affirmations on YouTube to create more positivity in my everyday life.

  11. hello Sonia, this is a very good post that talks about how one can actually get to look young even at an old age. You know, I never knew that yoga could help to look younger too. That is especially one of the best meditation process. I think that creating good relationships too. Is a good one which you captured in the point about creating a good social network. I am going to use this info. Thanks.

  12. Yes stress. That has to be the number on your list because it has been proven to cause some kind of damage to the human body. I have seen a couple of people who do not take their time to rest and take care of their body and their body falls short and they start looking really sick. I like this post a lot and I will make sure that I share it too. Nice one.

  13. Reaching forty can feel real tough. My 40th was just last year and since then (and honestly since before then) I’ve been trying to find ways to just turn back the clock a bit.
    One thing I can easily agree with you on is about maintaining a positive attitude. You cant really look too much better than you feel, at least in my own experience.
    Maintaining healthy skin is all too important as well, and a lot of us discover that later in life. Thanks for sharing

  14. Hi, stress can be a big thing for looking younger. It’s important to keep your stress very low, and always be eating the right things. I can’t stress how much your eating habits are influencing how we look. Not to mention getting your exercise. When a person doesn’t have good mental health exercises is a factor. Most people do not get enough of it.

    1. Hi Jake! You’re absolutely right; exercise and eating healthy become huge factors in life and a lot quicker than we think they will. Getting into the habit of exercising and making healthy eating choices is definitely key to aging gracefully.

  15. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I learned through you how to keep myself as a young woman when I am old. I am close to 40 years old and I regularly exercise to keep my age low so that I am still fresh and young. I read your article and after reading your directions I got a lot of tips and I think if I follow these tips I can prove myself as a young woman and I will be more motivated to work. I think the tips you give will help many and share their experiences with you .

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