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Lifestyle Changes to Age Gracefully (How to Look Younger Naturally)

So, let’s get one thing straight. It’s not all simply about “looking younger”, it’s as much about aging in a graceful fashion. Aging is a NATURAL PROCESS, and we want to make that natural process a beautiful one. You’ve seen 60 year old women that look 60 and you’ve also seen Jessica Lange. (If you haven’t, here you go).

She’s not the only woman in the movie-business that has aged so gracefully! It’s also not just celebrities, so don’t think you have any excuse to not look like that when and if you are 60-something. My 10th grade teacher retired at 65 and she still runs marathons and my work-colleague is 56 and bikes an hour to work each day.

These are people who have a handle on, arguably, the most important thing: their health. Today we’re going to go over some easy lifestyle choices and changes to help you age well and look young even when the numbers don’t match anymore.

1. Start Exercising, Even if Just a Little

exercise to look younger

I remember what I consider to be the most relevant and helpful take on exercise I ever heard, in a TEDtalk I found on Youtube where an author Stephen Ilardi talked about his ambitious book “The Depression Cure”. One thing he said we should all take away from his talk is that “Exercise is not natural”. He further goes on to explain our lack of commitment to exercise as understandable, and a normal stance. Yet, even a small amount of light exercise each day can help the mind and body in ways we’ll start to notice right away. In a weird way, his no-pressure approach to exercise made me feel comfortable just putting in an extra half-hour a day, go for a walk or a jog, and I started to feel a lot better and healthier pretty easily.

So, it doesn’t have to be a huge change right away, and I know we’re all busy people, but it really is worth it to make the time for yourself and your health. You will look healthier, younger and feel better if you just put some time aside for yourself. Give yourself a little credit, you deserve to feel good about yourself.

(Sidenote: Stephen Ilardi: Depression is a Disease of Civilization is a really insightful TedTalk, if you have 22 minutes to spare, he’s a knowledgeable guy who helped me through a tough time and I recommend him for sure.)


2. Manage Your Sodium Intake

Salt is always hiding out in places you don’t even expect it, and an over-intake of salt leads to water retention that shows in the form of bloated bodies and puffy faces. Limit your salt where it’s obvious; try not to over-indulge in things like pastas and bagels. When you are treating yourself to a baked good (which is absolutely fine once in a while), check out the ingredients for added salts.

Too much salt is also bad for blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the more of a strain on your heart, kidneys, arteries and brain. This is another habit I had to kick myself, and it took some time to do it. You don’t just become a health-machine over night, as ideal as that would be. Little by little, week by week, try to rid your diet of salty snacks and foods. This will aid you in how to look younger naturally.


3. Become Someone Who Uses Mouthwash Every Day

If you’re already using mouthwash daily, give yourself a pat on the back because this is a great practice! This is a super quick way to cleaner teeth, ridding yourself of yellows, and pinker gums! Every time you use mouthwash you kill bacteria and flush away particles that are hiding out on and between your teeth.

When thinking about ways to look younger; a fresh smile is definitely a sign of youth, and easy enough to achieve as long as you are consistent.


4. Embrace Your Natural Hair

This means pumping the brakes on heat and styling irons, and dialing it back with hair-dyes. I understand the desire to switch things up once in a while and there are all kinds of different colour-schemes that suit different hair during different times of the year, but we’re going to stick to our guns and say, don’t dye your hair too often.

Ideally, don’t dye your hair if you don’t have to. If you’re going to dye your hair, be smart about it as there are ways to dye your hair that are less harmful than others. Being kind to your hair is one of the top natural ways to look younger. There are natural ways to enhance the look of your hair and even natural ways to change up your style without doing damage! Trim your hair and rid yourself of split ends! Use protective serums and damage-reversing formulas for your hair. Most of all, be gentle with it and it will be gentle with you.


5. Don’t Skimp on Vegetables

eat vegetables to gain energy

Eat your veggies. Simple as that. It’s one of the best natural ways to look younger. Greens, like spinach and broccoli are rich in fibre and they actually help you clean your teeth in a natural way as well!

Generally, vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories, and no vegetables have cholesterol. Vegetables can help your complexion and enhance the brightness in your face and skin. Greens even out and enhance your skin-tone and you will feel more energetic. Dietary fiber, which comes from vegetables are part of a healthy diet, and they help reduce blood cholesterol levels. A veggie and fruit-filled diet may protect against certain types of cancers, and also increase intake of fiber and potassium (most of us don’t get enough of either).

Aim for 2.5 cups of veggies each day, you will notice the change in your skin.

6. Don’t Get Stressed Out.

man with laptop

Are you one of those people that allows their stress to fester deep beneath the surface? I have some bad news for you… it’s starting to show on the surface. It is natural for us all to face different stresses on different occasions in life, however, it is crucial that we handle those stresses and don’t let them take control in our lives.

The trouble with anxiety and stress is that it becomes apparent on the face and body before you know it, and it begins to age you from the inside. This is where we talk about taking care of yourself, body AND mind. If there’s an issue that needs taking care of, no matter how big or small, make it a priority to tackle that issue. You will feel so much better and it will show.

7 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes to Age Gracefully (How to Look Younger Naturally)

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post! My own experience is with adding some sport in my life. I always found sport like a waste of time and money because I was able to keep a fairly healthy body. 

    But when I reached 30 years, my body became painful and weak, so I decided to try something mild. I only do 100  or more squats every other day. And the results were so great that I do it every day now. My body is more firm and I like it. So, I completely agree with you on that. Just a little exercise can make you feel younger.


  2. Thank you a lot for this. These processes seems pretty easy to follow. I am really baffled about how some people look like they don’t age. For example Tom cruise looks so damn young and he seems like he is just not getting old and another example is will smith. It is really amazing how these guys look so young for their age.

  3. I totally agree with you that aging can still be contained to look younger but it will require a while lot of work and stress to achieve the feet. Exercising regularly is one sure way of maintaining that young and awesome feeling consistently because it keeps our body and mind at peace and relaxed. Also, maintaining our personal hygiene especially with teeth brushing is also germane while taking adequate care of our hair too is important. These tips are simple but very germane and would later come very handy in life.

  4. First things first, lifestyle changing is integral to staying forever young and the only way to do that is to maintain a habit that could last a lifetime. The suggested options here above are simply top notch and in no doubt would help anyone who wants to get up to their feet and retain that youthful agility even when they are 70 years old. The tips are cool and would be worth trying out!

  5. Excellent article, you have really dealt with this matter by giving these important help to keep looking great and fit,looking very young always,out of the points mentioned I love the exercise aspect of it, because its makes the body fit and keep it perfect, exercise helps the body building and active, its a great anti-ageing act, and another lovely point is this, so wonderful, “Eat your veggies. Simple as that.” Thank you for sharing this helpful write-up.

  6. Most people don’t know the benefits of not using chemical substances when trying to take care of ones skin. So many of them our there would believe that for them no to look old it would require some cream and all and I tell you that isn’t the answer. Looking at this post, I love the simple ways it has given to to help look younger. The idea of exercising have been taken for granted by so many people. They don’t really know the importance of doing these exercises and being careful with what we eat.

  7. These are great tips. Also getting enough water is another great tip to keep the skin looking nice and glowing. I know that some health experts say that drinking at least 8 glasses a day isn’t necessary but I can really notice a difference when I’m good about drinking my 8 glasses. People could just try to drink one more glass per day and go up from there once they are used to it.

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