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How to Look Younger With Grey Hair

If the years are starting to pass you by and you’ve started wondering how to look younger with grey hair, we have some quick tips and lasting ideas! Don’t cover-up your greys, embrace them with a few pointers!


Wear Makeup & Clothes That Flatter Your Hair

When we talk about looking younger it doesn’t necessarily mean we are talking about putting up a farce. Your can do simple things each day to literally slow down the aging process, and other things that flatter the way you look naturally, without hiding any part of your beautiful self!

There’s a right way to reveal your grey hair, and you can do it with confidence! One thing to remember is that accenting your hair with the right clothes and makeup really make you stand out, and in a good way. Charcoal and silver shades look amazing on an older woman with grey hair; it works to compliment your hair and your overall look.

Grey hair can make your complexion appear dull or tiresome, but not to worry! There are light and easy makeup fixes that can leave your skin looking bright as ever. We recommend using a liquid blush for a youthful glow, instead of powdered blushes that can accentuate the look of wrinkles and creases in the skin. Don’t forget your eyes are the window to your soul, and your age.

Your can be full of wisdom in the depth of those eyes and still look incredible, with a little navy liner and gentle concealer around the under-eyes.

Go All Grey

We understand that when parts of your hair are grey, it is harder to embrace the look entirely. It turns out, transitioning to all grey can change your look to a more polished, and sophisticated one. When deciding to dye, make sure to talk to a professional as they can help smooth over the transition between grey patches to a sleek, silver look. If you decide to add highlights to your hair, again, make sure to consult a professional because taking appropriate care of grey hair is a delicate task.

Make sure to use the right shampoos for grey hair; stylist-recommended violet-tinted shampoos are best! Go easy on your hair, any time it’s dyed, no matter the colour. With grey hair and tinted shampoos, make sure to only use them a few times a month.

Harsh shampoos can dry out your hair to a frayed or fizzy look, and yellow-tinged hair washes can make the hair look dry and aged. For regular washes, aim for a clear, no-tint shampoo like Grown Alchemist Nourishing Shampoo, which is a nutrient-rich shampoo that improves shine and health while nourishing your hair.

Try a New Haircut

Of course, maintain your hair with a sleek cut with clean edges; short, timeless cuts are great for grey hair, and make you look more youthful. It’s also important to know that your silver locks can begin to look frayed and difficult if it is not trimmed often enough. Stay on top of your game and make sure to get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

To keep your hair from fraying or getting unruly, it’s best to try conditioning serums or glosses. They work as though a styling gel, that is far more natural (and natural-looking) and far healthier for the hair (and they make silver and greys look amazing)!

Protect Your Hair

Watch out for discoloration, which can creep up on you, by protecting the head with a hat or scarf. Make sure chlorine doesn’t reach your hair often (or at all, ideally) because. Just like using the wrong shampoos or harsh chemicals, it can cause the hair to turn an unfriendly yellow.

Avoid discoloration altogether by maintaining your hair care regimen; brush you hair each night and prevent any product from building up in your hair. Find out about your tap water, and if it contains a lot of deposits, think about getting a water filtration device for the shower.

As hair ages, things like change in texture and a little shedding are natural. To keep hair soft and avoid brittleness, add some moisture. This is key to achieving and preserving a youthful look. The best way to add moisture is through an every-so-often deep conditioning. We have mentioned hair oils as a great way to hydrate and moisturize hair.

When it comes to grey hair it’s very important that you watch out for the yellowish-tinted oils. There are particular hair care oils and serums to use in this case, as you’ll notice that most hair oils do have a yellow colour in them, that can make your hair look washed out and dull.

Condition and Treat

5 thoughts on “How to Look Younger With Grey Hair

  1. Going all grey would definitely be awesome and I will surely recommend this to my mom. She is already showing signs if aging through hair with the greys creeping in but then, these simple techniques can really go along way in to maintaining that beautiful and elegant appearance she has. These ideas are really very simple but sometimes, it is the simple things that truly make the difference. Thanks

  2. Hi.

    Thank you so much for sharing this helpful post which is about how to look younger with grey hair. I think this post is very helpful who have grey hair. Though I don’t have grey hair but through your post I have learned many things. You have provided some useful instructions for what to do when the time comes. My aunt has grey hair, so I will share this post to her and also others so that they have an idea of how simple things can change their perspective on grey hair!

    Thanks again for sharing this post!

  3. This is very helpful and informative post and I really appreciate your guidance. As a man I didn’t too much care about my hair getting grey. To be honest, when amount of grey had been started drastically appeared,that is when I got upset and I have totally lost my confidence. But after a few years I got to used it and somehow could have been tackled with it, now I feel more confident because I use to love every part of myself, and your note helped me out a lot and it’s really inspiring about loving and accepting ourselves. Thank you so much.

    1. You should love every part of yourself! Grey hair can be really attractive, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. According to a number of online polls, and in particular regards to men, the majority of women find grey hair an attractive feature on men!

  4. Having grey hair from aging is something most people do not want to see happen, but from what I see here, it seems you can have a real cool look from it. Taking care of ones hair something that a lot of people do not know how to do and its one very essential thing. My wife would be glad to see this post as she has grey hair already, and a few tips on how to embrace that is a great thing to have! Best regards.

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