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Things That Make You Look Older (Makeup Mistakes)

eyeliner pencil1. Applying Eyeliner Too Thick

I was guilty of doing this for longer than I’d like to admit. It was definitely a common trend back in the 60s to apply heavier amounts of dark liner, but you may have noticed that the thinner the more subtle, and eye-opening it looks. Too much eyeliner makes your eyes look heavy and weigh you down. To keep your eyes looking awake, aim for thinner lines in dark grey or brown shades, and soft pencil liners. Kiss NY Pro Intesif-eye Liner offers 36-hour wear with no transfer in a creamy formula.


2. Neglecting Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows thin as we age, so it makes total sense that the older we get, we have to pay attention to our brows and fill them in! Thick brows are a sign of youth. That being said, the colouring-in should be subtle. Use a brow pencil in a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour. 

MAC Cosmetics Fling Great Brows All-in-One Brow Kit offers a one-stop shop for each step to perfect brows.

eyebrow pencil


3. Lipsticks That Dry Out Your Lips

Maybe you’re like me and love your mattes, there is a quick fix to using any lipstick you like (and you should be doing it regardless, because it’s meant to keep your lips hydrated): Use chap stick or lip balm underneath.

There are also great moisturizing lipsticks that come in numerous shades, that might allow you to diversify from mattes! We found an a place to get an affordable Armani Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick (is affordable Armani an oxymoron?) Anyway, we couldn’t be prouder.


mascara4. Clumpy Mascara

This is just one that we see too often, and on top of making you look older, it just looks messy and not that attractive. There are ways to get around clumping mascara, and for the most part you just need to choose the right one! Clumped mascara makes your lashes look flaky and dry, it draws attention to line and wrinkles around the eyes. There are some great evening and moisturizing mascaras that you can use instead!


caked makeup5. Caking Your Products

You don’t need to put on too much of anything, and when you over-do foundation it shows. Foundation maneuvers its way into fine lines and creases in the face become more prevalent. This results in an overall dull complexion. You want a foundation that brightens your complexion! Finishing powders often work to magnify lines and wrinkles, while liquid foundation or loose-setting foundation works well to do the opposite.


nail polish6. Using Glittery Nail-Polish

Glitter nail polishes are one of those things that don’t look all that flattering on anyone. Some can get away with it, but it’s not common, and usually because something else they are doing is working, and distracting from the polish that actually accentuates wrinkles and lines on the hands.



7. Wearing the Wrong Shade of Lip Liner

You can have a great lipstick and liner that do nothing to amplify the other, but rather they cancel each other out and make you look a lot older than you are. It’s actually a common misconception to think that lipstick is supposed to match your lip liner. Rather, you want a lip liner that matches the colour of your lip!


Choosing the wrong colour adds years to your look. Nudestix Cream Lip And Cheek Pencil multitasking pencil and liner for cheeks and lips with nude and natural colours.

8. Lipstick Shades That Are Too Dark

I am a fan of dark colours in every aspect, my clothes and makeup as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to lipsticks and eye shadows, you have to be more careful. Dark shades actually add years to you, makes lips look less plump and less highlighted. Lip glosses and light lip colours are really great for adding a youthful effect.

Dior Pretty Charms Secret Lip Gloss is an affordable Dior (again, very proud of ourselves) lipgloss that plumps the lip for a natural and youthful look!

woman with pout


9. Lack of Routine

At Anti-Aging Solutions we are big believers in routine, and you might know that already. This goes for hair care, skincare, and cleaning up after using make-up. Sometimes people forget to get rid of makeup residue at night before sleeping.

Thinking it’s not important or assuming that makeup has probably faded off throughout the day is just not true. It’s a simple thing but we may need a reminder; neglecting to wash your face after having applied makeup at any point in the day is a sure-fire way to accidentally accelerate the aging process. Make sure you cleanse daily and nightly, to keep excess dirt and grime away, and to look your very best.

5 thoughts on “Things That Make You Look Older (Makeup Mistakes)

  1. Great list of advice. I’m almost 50 now and these tips are very valuable for me. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Sonia!

    I plead guilty of all of these mistakes at one point of my life. I think this is a great post and very accurate and luckily it can prevent many of us doing the wrong things in our make up routine. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to read more from you!


  3. Thank you for these great pointers about avoiding certain makeup mistakes. I’m sure that there are people who do any of these things, without realizing that it actually might not give them their ideal look. These are probably common things that a lot of people do without realizing it. I hope that people will find this article and learn your tips for looking as young and healthy as possible with a makeup routine. Great article and have a nice day.

  4. Oh now I understand what my cousin do wrong with her makeup routine. She uses too much eyeliner, and probably wrong lipstick that made her lips looks dry instead of matte. I should tell her all of this possible mistakes, because some of her friends always tease her how ‘old’ she is now despite of just being 15 years old. Thanks

  5. Hi, although I didn’t put any makeup on my face every day for work or simply shopping with friends, I still think this post is great for some reasons: 01.we could learn something from this post to level up our makeup skill and look more natural next time 02.we could find the root cause why our makeup is always a mess than others 03.some great & affordable product to make things on our faces in an order and make us stand out from the crowd. 

    Among all those points on this post, I think #9 is the hardest to thing since we usually ignore and break the rules for maintaining our routine like clean and remove the makeup before sleep. It’s really important that we do the facial cleanse thoroughly to make our face anti-aging. I cannot wait to share this post with all my female friends that every one of them could actually be educated from your post.

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