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Marie Veronique Review (Top 3 Skincare Products Review)

Marie Veronique was once just a young girl suffering from teenage acne and rosacea. When she couldn’t find a clean product that could effectively address her needs, she turned to inventing her own. Marie went on to develop a line for acne-care and was one of the first inventors to create a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen.

Today, Marie Veronique’s skincare is incredibly popular for it’s ability to care for the most sensitive of skin in an intensive way. Safe, yet effective, is what this line strives for. We thought we would pick out our favourite products from their plenty!

1. Soothing B3 Serum ($90)

Marie Veronique

This soothing B3 serum by Marie Veronique is one of the first products that was curated for common skincare conditions that others couldn’t address; redness and rosacea.

It’s a moisturizing gel serum that results in a dewy glow and leaves behind a clearer complexion and it’s suitable for all skin types, whether it is mature, dry, normal, blemish-prone, or sensitive. We love this serum because it helps calm the skin using its niacinamide properties.

This soothing serum is an ideal choice for frequent travelers for its ability to last on the skin, and doesn’t require consistent reapplication.



This B3 serum is a result of some actively clean-yet-effective ingredients. It constitutes mainly of natural extracts that cause it to be gentle on the skin and leave no side-effects.

Its primary ingredients include:

● Sodium Hyaluronate

This natural ingredient is included in the serum because it attracts and holds water for moisture provision, which helps the skin retain moisture and stay hydrated.

● Camellia Sinensis

This is the leaf infusion of green tea, and as a crucial part of this serum, it hydrates and protects the skin from the outside. It also has anti-oxidant features that prevent cell damage.

● Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract

This natural licorice root extract has a number of beneficial qualities; it’s an anti-oxidant that prevents radical damage to cells, while it retains moisture for the skin. This ingredient also adds to this products natural scent!



Key Benefits of the Supplement

This is a non-toxic, clean-ingredient serum that has proven it’s benefits time and time again! Regular users of this product claim that it:

● calms and soothes the skin

● reduces redness and irritation

● minimizes effects of hyper-pigmentation

● works well for skin that is acne-prone and with those who have rosacea


How Do You Use This Product?

Using this serum is easy and doesn’t require you to put aside a lot of time. All you need to do is shake well before use, and then, apply a thin layer (just 1 or 2 pumps) on the entire face along with neck and rub.

Within a few seconds, the serum will absorb into your skin and start doing its job.


Customer Reviews

Marie Veronique users are big fans of this serum; especially those who need a product that doesn’t cause redness, and actually makes acne less apparent. Regular customers reported that this is the serum that is soothing and relieves the skin of irritation. They find that it keeps the skin hydrated and leaves after it a glowing effect!

Credo Beauty offers free shipping and 3 free samples with every order! And if you’re not totally sure this serum is for you, then your money back.


2. Barrier Lipid Complex ($95)

Marie Veronique

Marie Veronique Barrier Lipid Complex comprises of fatty acids and ceramides to help maintain a youthful appearance, hydrated, and plump skin. It contains cholesterols from natural sheep’s wool that assures creamy texture and allows for deep moisture. This barrier complex helps to eliminate skin congestion, and is a non-toxic serum for heavy moisturization.

The Complex is created with biomimetic fatty acids that are used for balancing the skin. It’s created without the use of essential oils, since those with sensitive skin types can be troubled by its additives. That’s the reason this lipid complex serum is entirely appropriate for all skin types, whether you have sensitive or mature skin. It works very well with dry skin as well!


Ingredients of Barrier Lipid Complex Serum

Rubus Occidentalis Seed Oil

This is an extract of black raspberry seeds included in the serum because of it’s emollient effects.

● Caprylic or Capric Triglyceride

This is a combination of two compounds that act hand in hand. One of them is emollient glycerin, and the other is Caprylic or Capric acids (fatty acids). They work to soothe and soften the skin.

● Xanthan Gum

This polysaccharide comes from mixing glucose and sucrose and is present in this serum to increasing viscosity and retain the skin’s moisture.


Key Benefits of the Barrier Lipid Complex

This lipid complex serum comes with numerous benefits that include:

● it’s a deep moisturizing serum, that penetrates the skin to leave it softer and smoother than before

● it is fragrance-free, for those who have allergies or sensitivities

● it minimizes hyperpigmentation effects all-the-while healing acne

● It makes the skin supple and firm, which provides for a more youthful appearance


How Do You Use This Product?

Make sure to shake well before using, and use the dropper to its full capacity. Drop the amount into the palm of your hand and massage that onto your face, neck, and chest.

Make sure not to get in contact with your eyes. Keep the serum in a cool and dry place away from direct sun-exposure.


Customer Reviews

Regular users of the Barrier Lipid Complex find it works uber-efficiently, especially for those who have a dry skin-type. People that are familiar with the product say that it works great for those who have rocasea, excema, dry skin, or sensitive skin.


3. Gentle Retinol Night Serum (110$)

As its name suggests, this serum is meant as a gentle and effective addition to your nightly skincare routine.

It’s main focus is to reduce rising signs of aging. This Gentle Retinol Night Serum is made with a combination of retinol and Vitamin C, and E for the best effect. Retinol (also known as Vitamin A), Vitamin C, and E all work together in this high-end formula.

Vitamin C and A are great ingredients for eliminating the appearance fine lines and adding a more youthful look to your skin. On top of that, a ceramide complex works for the prevention of moisture loss and keeps the skin supple and soft.

This is also a non-toxic nightly serum that also aids in clarifying the skin without any irritation. Users find it is also suitable for all skin types, and the right choice for blemish-prone and mature skin.


Ingredients of Retinol Night Serum

All the ingredients included in it are practical, clean and beneficial. Featured ingredients include:

● Citrus Aurantium Hydrosol

Distilled from orange flowers, this ingredient is great for retaining the skin’s moisture

● Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

An extract of “desert shrub jojoba”, it is effective in controlling the skin’s complexion and hydration


Key Benefits of Gentle Retinol Night Serum

● It is perfect for all skin types, especially those who have sensitive skin and require a gentler touch

● Results appear quickly; applying consistently for a week will prove its effects

● It’s focus is to make your youth shine through, and it does so gently yet effectively

● It is deeply moisturizing

● It diminishes the appearnce of fine lines and wrinkles

● It leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother


How Do You Use This Product?

Make sure to use it at night only. Apply its thin layer on your face after your regular nightly cleansing routine.

It works best if used regularly, at least 3 times a week.


Customer Reviews

Customers and regular users of this night serum find that that one use positively effects their skin by daylight. People who use it more consistently notice deeper benefits, and find that the serum leaves their skin feeling softer for longer!


These are our top 3 products from Marie Veronique’s line of skincare! They work best with those who need a change from product that don’t follow through on their promise for safely cleaning and clearing your skin!

11 thoughts on “Marie Veronique Review (Top 3 Skincare Products Review)

  1. Hello Marrakesh. Thank you for sharing this review of top 3 products of Marie Veronique Skincare. I must admit that this is my very first time to read about Marie and I am totally impressed by her commitment that brought about solutions to her own problems and has in turn brought solutions to the problems of many. Her products were made with the thought of humanity at heart. The ingredients are carefully selected and suitable for the skin.


    1. Hi Mr Biizy! I agree with you; it is nice to know that the person creating a skincare product is, in fact, as human as the rest of us! Glad you found this post useful, 🙂

  2. Marie veronique skincare has amassed a huge number of following for good reason. It comes really handy since it addresses some skincare issues that have mostly been left unattended.

    I find the soothing B13 serum compelling. Good for travelers and for persons with dry skin. The sodium hyaluronate contained within it makes it even more worthy (the property that helps the skip stay hydrated).

    Given the benefits, I think the price is fair.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Iyke, I agree with you! I appreciate you dropping in!

  3. I’m glad I found this blog. You’ve really talked a lot on Marie Veronique Skincare. In my opinion, for Marie Veronique to invent her own product to deal with her acne and rosacea, it is clear that she wasn’t there for the money but to help herself and people suffering from similar problem, and she succeeded.

    After I went through your article, I saw that the three product listed from Marie Veronique Skincare are great for anyone that wants to care and protect their skin. My aunt has this problem, and I will refer her to this page. She will find it interesting.

    1. Hi Kell! I’m glad you found this useful, thank you for stopping in!

  4. I’ve always heard about oils helping illnesses, hygenne but facial acne? Niiiice! In fact, yesterday I was at Walmart and my guy friend mentioned he needed an exfoliate for the black and whiteheads. He is really clean about all that stuff and I found a scrub for him. Though this might help him because he has lots of acne at random times. 

    1. Yes! Depending on the oil, certain ones can be very effective with blemish-prone skin!

  5. Hi Marakesh,

    Very inspiring to read the Marie, having acne herself went to create her own product. I bet she was very embarrassed about her condition.

    The Marie Veronique Skincare review of yours is very clear, and I will recommend Barrier Lipid Complex to my teenage sibling, who is suffering from Acne for a while and has dry and sensitive skin.



  6. Now that I am getting older, I absolutely pay way more attention to my skin then I did say 15 years ago.  Obviously my skin aging has something to do with that. 

    I know focus on skin brightening, vitamin c and products and more products.   There seem to be so many choices out there, so it can be hard to know what to buy.

    I really enjoyed your post and am always happy to learn about new products.  I am interesting in the gentle retinol night serum, as night creme seems to be so important.  Sounds like a great product and I will check it out.

    Great job and thanks for the information.

  7. I’ve tried the Soothing B3 Serum before, mainly over scarves on my leg after an accident even though this is not its main purpose. My wife recommended I to used it and its really cool how my leg’s skin looks now (I’d love to be able to show you some pictures).

    I don’t have any experience neither opinion related to the Barrier Lipid Complex or the Gentle Retinol Night Serum to share. So thanks for sharing your own on this review post!

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