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Top 10 Questions About Aging [And Skincare]

Here are some of the top questions people have about aging, and how to naturally make yourself look younger than your age!


10. How can I make my face look younger and smoother?


how to make face smoother


As we begin to age, our skin changes and it’s important to remember that aging is NATURAL and can be a beautiful process, when given a healthy platform to do so. One way to make your face look younger and keep it smooth is by moisturizing every day! I know, we’ve definitely mentioned this before and here we are telling you again. Expect it from us pretty often, because it really is crucial to having young and smooth skin.

When you are practicing healthy skincare by moisturizing and exfoliating on a regular basis, what you are doing is just taking care of yourself and your skin. You WILL notice its effects. Make sure that when you are washing up each day, you are washing gently and not over-cleansing. The aim is not to strip the skin of its natural oils, but the excess dirt that is left over, and keep it from getting under your skin.

Moisturizing each day is key to having and maintaining smooth skin on the face. Even if you have oil skin, it is important to moisturize! Many people with oily skin tend to neglect this one essential part of any skincare routine in fear that they will only be doing more damage to their skin. The fact is, there are numerous oil-free moisturizers that work great to keep your skin feeling soft without making it look shiny to the touch


9. What are some home remedies to look younger than your age?

vitamin c to look younger

We go through an extensive list of the best ingredients you can use for anti-aging purposes here at Anti-Aging Solutions. Along with honey, green tea, vitamin C, specified oils and caffeine, there are a number of other home-remedies that can make a person look younger and increase skin-health.

  • Lemon can be applied topically to treat blemishes and redness in the face.
  • Applying crushed grapes to the skin as a natural rub can help decrease signs of aging! Allow grape juice to sit atop the skin and do not brush off; all it to dry naturally. Leave on for about 15 minutes.
  • Use the core of pineapple in the same way for 15-20 minutes. Allow it dry from face naturally.
  • Slice a potato into slices as you would cucumber for the under-eye area. Potatoes help clear pigmentation in the skin, and cucumbers hydrate and refresh!
  • Avocado is an absolutely amazing way to offer your face an at-home facial. Mash and spread; simple as that! Your skin will look brighter and more radiant in no time!


8. Does short hair make you look older or younger?

Often this can depend on the person; we find, generally speaking, most short hairstyles do make a person look older. However, it does NOT mean that there’s no short hairstyle that can make you look younger! Layered bob cuts and pixie cuts can often make a woman look more youthful! If you want to know the style that suits you best, consult a hair stylist for personalized advice. Generally speaking, we tend to steer clear of blunt, shapeless cuts.


7. Can drinking water make you look younger?

Safe to say, that drinking water (and even substituting as many of your regular day’s drinks for water) is a crucial part of having younger-looking skin. The hydration that you will be providing your body will, itself, work wonders for your skin. Drinking as much water as you can on a regular basis sounds like a tough thing to get used to for those who are not already doing it, but trust us, once you get into the habit, you’ll wonder how you were getting along without it. You will notice the difference in both your bodily health and the youthfulness of your skin!


6. How do you make your eyes look younger?

how to look younger

Tired or dull looking eyes are really the cause of a lot of the years that get added to you without so much as a warning. No matter the reason for your eyes not looking as youthful and bright as they could, we are pleased to be able to tell you there are genuinely easy ways to reduce the look of fatigue and make your eyes look younger.

Eating an iron-rich diet, full of greens like spinach, and kidney beans as well, can really help take away that dull look around the eyes. Iron-deficiency is the cause of the fatigue that many people see appear on their faces, even when they are not tired, and doing everything else right!

Eye primer is a vital choice for all those who use eye make-up; whenever you apply eye-shadow or concealer around the eye area, that makeup has the chance to seep into the creases of skin around the eyes. Over time this causes wrinkles, fine lines and drying. When you apply primer beforehand, it allows for smooth application and avoids hurting the eye area.

Moisturize! Once again, it comes down to this very simple thing. Make sure your eyes, like all the other parts of your body, stay hydrated. Dry skin and puffiness occur when we neglect the under-eye area. Use a hydrating moisturizer that, even if used just once a day, will provide you with the hydration you need (including the anti-aging benefits we are looking for)!

We go through a list of things you can do to make the most age-revealing parts of your body behave right here.


5. How can I look younger naturally?

natural ways to look younger

There are a lot of great natural ingredients that can help you to look younger, and do it naturally. We go over an extensive list of easy-to-find ingredients that you can add to your regimen here.


4. Why do lips thin with age?

why do lips thin with age

Men and women will often begin to notice their lips thinning sometimes as early as in their 30’s. One of the big reasons that lips begin start to lose their natural shape and fullness is because of a localized depletion of collagen. A little highlight atop your cupid’s bow can shape an effect for fuller lips. We also huge fans of the nude lip! Not only do nude lipsticks make for for a natural, attractive look, but it also makes for a more full-shaped look. Definitely make correct use of lip liner to add some definition as well!

Use lip product that naturally hydrates and defines the lips to look young and soft. The best way to make the lips look fuller is by using a natural-coloured lip liner before filling in with lipstick or lip stain!


3. What exercises make your face look younger?

exercise to make face look younger

Stretching your face and working out facial muscles can help to keep your blood circulating and keep fine lines, creasing and wrinkles from developing on the face.

Here are a few quick facial exercises that you can do each day that help tighten the face and make skin look firmer.

  • Sit upright while lifting your head back so that your chin is pointing toward the ceiling, meanwhile keep your lips closed. This can help keep the skin under your chin from becoming loose over time.
  • Using the same motion, lift up your head towards the ceiling and push out your jaw. Hold for 20 seconds
  • Spread back cheeks using back of your hands to increase tightness.
  • Gently press up toward your hairline using your fingertips of both hands.


2. Which hairstyle makes you look younger?

which hairstyles make you look younger


Sometimes, this can depend on the person rocking the hairstyle. We find that long bangs and ponytails definitely make a person look younger than their age! Switching up hairstyles and seeing what suits you is never a bad idea. We find that tight buns generally offer a more mature look, whereas simple ponytails can really do the trick! However, if you want your hair choices to give off a youthful look, going back to what you wore in high school is not the way to go. When you were in high school you may have felt your youngest, but hairstyles that made you feel young back then are still older hairstyles, in general. Trying a new cut, like bangs or shorter hair that you haven’t tried before, is far better than trying to pull off a look that you used to back in the day.


1. What keeps your skin tight?

how to look younger

Skin diminishes over time, and as you age it begins to sag. Again, we want you to remember it’s completely natural, but also that there are natural ways to keep it tight! Vitamin C and collagen serums are absolutely ideal to achieving younger and tighter skin. Face masks with lemon and/or cucumber can be really effective to help create firmer skin.

Skin tightening creams or a good face mask can be effective in helping keep skin tight. Use a moisturizing face mask with Vitamin E and niacinamide 1 to 3 times a week to see a tightened effect, and this will also help your face look younger.


We have loads of questions about what makes a person look younger, and the answer is that there are general rules to follow, like having a skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. And there are also things that some people do differently depending on what suits them, like with clothes and hairstyles!

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Questions About Aging [And Skincare]

  1. Hi, 

    Delighted to read your post about ageing and skincare, its something that not all men would pay much attention to so for me it’s good to read your advice. I understand the whole ageing process and what it can do to your skin in particular your advice on a good quality moisturizer is a good place to start as a man I’m not so sure about the exfoliating bit though!  Its interesting that there are natural solutions like lemon, core pineapple, cucumber you can even use potato to clear pigmentation from under the skin wow! Totally agree with drinking plenty of water and doing regular exercise all of these things help not only with keeping your skin looking younger but it’s good for your mind as well.

    Do you use vitamin yourself and in what form? I drink lots of natural orange juice.


    1. Hi Fintan and thanks for stopping in! You’re absolutely right that most of the ingredients we mention are good for your mind, as well as the body! I do use vitamins myself; I use supplements for biotin and Vitamin C supplements as well!

  2. A very big thank you for this one that you have put together here. I must confess that I didn’t know so much about this before but seeing now that you have added all this here is very good. Aging is a natural process but we can slow it down ourselves by using simple tactics. I think that I should personally try using the home remedies that you have mentioned here. Sounds good to me. Thank you so much!

  3. Wow! All these are spot on because I have also asked a couple of question out of the above listed. The best part about this post is that you have successfully provided details into answering each of these questions. Aging is a process that connotes our development. There is nothing bad in aging but we all fight the battle against losing our skin beauty to it!

  4. Oh, this is what I have needed for a while now. You have taken all the questions that one might have about aging and answered them all together in one single post. That’s fabulous because there are somethings here that I didn’t think we’re the answers to my problem for example I didn’t know that water helped with anto aging or that fruits like avocado was a great help for the skin too. I am going to put in mind what you have added here. Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Sonia,

    Wow, thanks a lot for answering the million-dollar questions.

    I got helpful insights from your post. Mainly my eyes often look dull and tired the advice you provided is very helpful. I am going to implement what I learned from your post (eating an iron-rich diet). I am aware of the importance of drinking water but not implementing it properly. After reading your post, I am determined to drink more water.

    Home remedies you shared are super helpful. I am going to share your post with my wife and I believe she is going to love it. 

    You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing. – George Bernard Shaw

  6. What a nice and resourceful post. You have really given some great insights into the best ingredients that help with aging and anti-aging, I couldn’t agree with you more about lemon and avocado; they help a long way as a remedy for problem skin. I’ve bookmarked your post and will be back for more!

  7. Many people desire to beat their age and remain young in look, but obviously not everyone can keep up to the task required. I love those questions, they are actually true and the answers are justifiable. About drinking water, I do it a lot and I can say its really effective, hydrating your body produces more fresh, tender and young skin, exercise is also a master key to keeping young and healthy skin. This article will be very useful to everyone, both men and women. Thanks for sharing this amazing article, I’ve learned a lot and I’ll share it to others too. Thanks

  8. You’ve answered quite alot from this post and I am really impressed. Aging is one thing that we all will face but looking young hav always been the goal especially for we women. I love how you have given solution to aging by asking questions and most of which are very vital. Of all, I see wrinkles are something very serious, I don’t even want to see a thin bit of wrinkled skin on me, and more reason why I’m giving my best into looking young and following every bit I’ve learned here. Best regards

  9. Skincare is a topic mostly associated with women and it seems men usually care less about it but I find some of the questions you’ve answered here are very important for keeping. I least thought drinking a lot of water can make one look younger….at least I should be able to do this on a daily basis. 

    I’m going to implement some of the things you’ve shared and I hope to say someday that it works like magic….:) Thanks for the information.

  10. I agree that moisturising is important,in keeping the skin the skin youthful, my wife is careful to wash and cleanse her face each day,and applies a moisturizer,(non-oily),She also has an advantage in that she doesn’t wear makeup so that doesn’t have to be removed each day.

    It is interesting to know that,applying lemon,and grapes,as well as the juices, of the other fruits and vegetables,are able to treat blemishes,and fight the aging process,and even do an avocado home facial.

    I can say that I have seen, that drinking a lot of water helps to keep the skin younger looking,my wife keeps two big glasses of water at her bedside, at all times,and keeps them refilled, through the day,she is seventy four years of age, and her skin still looks youthful.

    I can agree that the correct hairstyle, makes you look younger,and that pony tails can give you a youthful look,as a young lady, my wife almost always wore her hair in long bangs,and alternated that with ponytails,which is what she wears today,and it helps to keep her youthful looking.

  11. Thanks for this amazing info. I’m getting closer to 30 everyday (currently 27) and I don’t want to look old really young so I want to use some of these tips to my advantage. I use to drink water daily but I stopped because I started getting addicted to energy drinks, which is going to do the complete opposite to looking young, lol. You’ve inspired me to start drinking water again. Plus I’ll be getting more vitamin c to keep my skin tighter. Thanks a bunch.

  12. I have asked that myself: “how can I look younger naturally”. A cousin used to give me a lecture then, on how you need 5 vegetarian weight loss meals to power your day – boost metabolism, burn fat, feed energy to fuel your activities and that you would lose weight in the shortest time possible only to discover that you ended up adding more weight as a result (lol!). I will check out the link on ingredients to add to ones regimen and get back to you.


  13. I’ve definitely thought of all these questions in one variation or another ! What a useful list :). Keeping the skin tight becomes more and more of a priority once you get older!

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