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6 Tips for Healthy Skin (How To Look Younger Naturally)

1. Try Incorporating Green Tea Into Your Diet

The benefits with green-tea are seemingly endless, from healthier skin to a better metabolism.

Arguably one of the most popular health-drinks people consume, its abundance of antioxidants and phytonutrients are key to creating a healthy environment in your body! The plenty varieties of green tea flavours and extra healthy additives, like matcha-enriched green tea, offer additional benefits to the skin and body. The EGCG which is present in green tea is known to be anti-androgenic in nature, meaning that it regulates the production of androgens in the body, and this, ultimately keeps the skin from becoming too oily.

Green tea has been known to better skin quality while maintaining it’s health. If you have skin that is prone to redness or acne, green tea can really work wonders. Personally, I have used green tea for so many different purposes and found it beneficial for aiding weight loss and causing my skin to glow! I definitely credit it for it’s endless qualities and ability to add a healthy addition to my diet. I also found it to be helpful in controlling hunger and the calming qualities of a good tea can never be too exaggerated for me!


2. Improve Your Air Quality

Improving the quality of the air you breathe is essentially improving your quality of life.

Understandably, it is not a simple task to try and rid your home of every possible allergen… and trying to eliminate them altogether is slightly ambitious, as you can’t quite see and feel EVERY single allergen in the home. However, it is more than feasible to reduce your own exposure to them, and reduce the number of such allergens in your life. These are some simple strategies you can use to improve air quality inside your home, and work towards better skin at the same time.

 Keep it clean. Keeping the house clean and free of toxins can make your home healthier for your skin, because good indoor hygiene can greatly cut down on dust and other allergens.

 Keep plants outside. Although having plants in the house can be attractive, they can also cause mold to occur.
in reality can create more of a nuisance to your skin than immediately noticeable.

You could also invest in an air purifier if you are prone to allergy, or dehumidifier for damp areas in the home, or a humidifier for the opposite effect.


3. A Heavy Dairy Intake Can Be Bad For Acne

Research from the Harvard School of Public Health found teenage girls who consume a lot of milk are almost 30 percent more likely to have acne than those who drink less. Cottage cheese and things like instant breakfast drinks, ice creams and sherbets alo have links to acne.

Dermatologists and experts have found the same to be true for adult women who are prone to regular breakouts. Interestingly, skim milk is not much better than whole milk… rather in some cases it is found to be worse. Some believe that the natural hormones in dairy products may be to blame for acne and breakouts, but science hasn’t yet come to a conclusion on it’s origins. Limiting the dairy products in your diet can help avoid such breakouts.


4. Try Water-Based Hair Products

You may think that hair products don’t have a lot to do with the skin, but particular conditioners, as well as styling creams and volumizers can contain oils that clog pores and create acne. The forehead, the back, and the hairline are most effected by this. Shampoo does touch the face, and can also be transferred by your pillowcase while you sleep.

Try using water-based formulas instead to avoid unhealthy skin caused by hair products. One of our favouties is L’Oreal Professional Prokeratin Liss Unlimited which is a smoothing hair mask that nourishes and protects your hair against humidity. In the same beat it does not clog pores or create acne if leaked onto the face or body. Take care of your hair and body at the same time with a good hair mask!


5. Know How Medicines Effect You

Often times with particular oral contraceptives, antibiotics, fertility drugs, and anti-seizure medications, breakouts and bad skin conditions can occur. Antihistamines and some antidepressants can cause skin to dry out as well. Diuretics can sometimes cause the opposite as well; oily skin and small acne-like bumps. Knowing what is in your medicine cabinet is very important, and can help you understand why your skin reacts as it does, and what it may be reacting to.


6. Make Sure You Get Sufficient Bed-Rest!

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: proper sleep, in the hours of night, is absolutely vital to a healthy life and also heavily effects the look and feel of your skin. Not getting enough sleep can make immune-related skin problems worse.

Increased inflammation in the body makes it difficult to regulate the immune system, which means getting sick more often. It also but also tends to flare up immune-related skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis is an indicator of body inflammation. Not getting enough sleep works to accelerate the aging process. During deep sleep, the rise in growth hormones allows damaged cells to become repaired and without that deep sleep this does not effectively occur. Ultimately not getting decent sleep results in noticeable signs of aging.

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be hard, but sometimes with all of the other things that crowd our schedules and perspectives each day, there just isn’t enough time to think of yourself. Sometimes, we don’t even give ourselves the time of day. Ease yourself into a routine of self-care, and certainly your skin will thank you!

6 thoughts on “6 Tips for Healthy Skin (How To Look Younger Naturally)

  1. What a great revelation, personally I have been fighting acne on my skin, mostly on the face,  surprisingly I just learnt from your article that heavy dairy intake can boost acne development, and I think that’s what has been affecting me, I have been drinking a lot of milk daily, thinking that it good for healthy and body development, I am just surprised how I have been the cause of my acne, I will also try out the green tea as I have never tried it before, about resting I have no issues I always have adequate rest everyday. I really appreciate you for sharing such a wonderful article, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.

  2. I can only agree with you that, getting the best out of our skin would require a lot of work from us to help revitalize it as this would help on developing the best. Needless do I say that everything you have shared here is massive. Thank you so much. Well! The tips here are top notch as aging is one of the biggest problems of our generation so, fighting it is only a necessity.

  3. The first thiing I found most interesting is how well that our sleeping and resting can impact on our skin. Never would I have known that the skin can impact so well on the overall appearance of our bodies! This is immense and surely worthy of reading. Getting to take care of our health means that we must ensure to make good use of these tips.

  4. Very well done! It looks like we have read from the same sources! I am also convinced as to the many benefits of green tea.

    Sleep, and less dairy. These are all excellent recommendations in order to maintain quality skin presentation on a daily basis. Good job! 

    The only question I might have is on the plants; having found that they actually clear the air of cigarette smoke! Do they really add to a mold issue in homes?

    1. Hey Amy!

      They can but it doesn’t mean you can’t have plants in the home at all. As long as you maintain your home and temperature it shouldn’t be a big issue, but in general it is better to keep them outside 🙂

  5. Hey thank you for the awesome post!! Believe I or not, even men like me worry about our skin a lot, so I was pretty happy to find this post!  I already drink Green Tea, so that is something I’m doing right already! Probably the one thing I lack a lot of is sleep! I pull in about five to six hours a night so I should work on that.

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