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Youthful Exposure: 8 Ways to Preserve Your Natural Glow

Looking your best is about confidence as much as it is anything else, and confidence in your body comes from knowing what you look best in. Here are a few ways to preserve and protect your youth, and feel your best too.

1. Try Lighter Shades of Lipsticks

Darker shades are fine on occasion, but for more mature skin it is better to go lighter. That doesn’t mean go unnaturally light in a way that doesn’t suit you, just a shade or two lighter than what you are used to can make you look younger.

I am actually a fan of darker shades myself, but I have to admit I look older with dark reds or plum shades. Pink lip colours are often a very pretty and natural way to look young and look good. Lipsticks that match the colour of your lips and other nudes are great for a younger look too! One of our regular favourites is Maybelline SuperStay 24hr 2-Step Lipcolor, So Pearly Pink for a look that boasts youth and lasts the day!

Why We Love It: It’s perfect for all-day wear for those who don’t have time for constant re-application, and it’s silky smooth liquid allows it to feel fresh into the late hours!

2. Aim for Thicker Brows

You may have noticed how nowadays the “thick eye-brows” are definitely “in” and a common fashion move. You’d have also noticed it looks beautiful, and women look more youthful with thick, defined, brows.  To achieve this look, aim for a powder product with pencil application; it allows for the natural look around the brow area while providing the precision pointed pencils can.

The contrast of thick brows against skin is what makes you look younger. Naturally, as we age our hair begins to thin on our heads and the rest of our bodies. Thick brows are a sign of youth, and there are a few things you should do to keep them healthy and young.

For one thing, do not pluck and tweeze them so often. Of course, when your brows grow eventually they start to look unruly so you definitely will need to take care of that, but do not over-do it. As in, don’t tweeze every few days. Give your eyebrows some time to grow out before you do pluck them, because they will get a chance to renew and come out healthier.

If you want to know how to look younger than your age, brows are a good thing to pay attention to. For a sure-fire way to take care of your brows try Elizabeth Arden Pevage Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum.

Why We Love It: Elizabeth Arden’s Enhancing serum boasts a triple peptide complex enriched with vitamins and natural lash conditioners. You can use it for brows and lashes together, so it saves us time and makes lashes and brows healthier!

3. Try Long Bangs and Ponytails

woman with bangs

Bangs actually can help you look younger! Longer bangs automatically add a youthful look, as do ponytails. Personally, I like having my hair up in a bun because I’m always about that practical look and my hair is long. There isn’t anything wrong with that, however, when in a ponytail, your hair helps shave a few years off you! Longer bangs help provide shape to your face and immediately make a person look younger as well; these are only a couple of hairstyles that make you look younger.

4. Colour-Correcting Products

If you’re anything like I was, you’ll have seen those green, yellow and purple creamy-looking products in stores and wondered what use they have, they certainly don’t look like a skin product. Eventually I came to know, these colour-correcting palletes are meant for the face and actually blend into the skin upon application. Green is meant for redness on the face; it corrects the look of redness and blemish-type spots. Our top pick is Lancome Pro Concealer Palette for a natural look.

Why We Love It: This palette is lightweight and made from a hydrating formula that includes two shades of concealer and one translucent pressed powder. It completely disguises dark circles to the point of non-existence, and leaves your skin looking brighter and fresher!

5. Try a Moisturizing Foundation

Rather than using powdered foundations, which only work to further accentuate the look of wrinkles and fine lines, try a moisturizing foundation, which hydrates and softens your face rather than drying it out. Any powdered makeup, including highlighters and bronzers, can make a person look older. We recommend liquid versions of good makeup products instead as they work to even out the skin and do not require a heavy amount of layers. Our choice is the Dior Backstage Airflash Spray Foundation!

Why We Love It: With its moisturizing and silky application, we mask any fine lines and are able to cover-up wrinkles leaving an over-all airbrushed effect on the skin! Dior’s Spray Foundation is infused with natural oils that evaporate as soon as they land, and allow the foundation to really settle without any visible texture; we also found it at a great cost for a luxury brand.

6. Take Care of Your Feet

Like most women, I love my shoes and it’s the one thing I’ll buy too much of and never be upset with myself for. I absolutely believe in women’s natural indulgence in shoes and I’d testify to it. One thing I was a little less focused on, was my feet going in them. No matter how nice your shoes, it is important to take care of your feet. For, what’s a cracked heel within a Louboutin, that would hurt half as much.

The feet are another part of the body we often neglect and they’re actually not difficult to take care, just easy to overlook! Even just applying some vaseline to the feet before bed each night will cause them to stay hydrated and prevent dryness and cracking down the line. There are some very effective moisturizing creams for feet as well, that can be applied before bed in less than a minute each night!


woman feet


7. Dress in Colours that Suit You

Dressing in beige, light brown cream-coloured tops actually helps a person look younger, not to mention, fashionable. Neutral colours look great on men and women, and provide a sort of timeless look. Different neutral look better on different people; some pull off greys and navy blues the same way that others look amazing in beige and nudes.

Now this doesn’t mean avoid colours altogether; there are lots of colours that can make you look great, and younger as well. Red, is a classic one that happens to look great on anyone that wears it. Try mixing the neutrals that look good on you with colours that like; you will see that the more you are paying attention, the better you will look and feel. There is no colour you need to avoid altogether because there are different shades of everything! Some people may not look good in baby blue, but there are tons of shades of blue to try and eventually you will certainly find something that suits you!


woman in red dress


8. Make Sure You Remove Makeup Before You Sleep

Sounds obvious enough, but it’s easy to forget, especially if you are someone who wears small amounts or very light makeup. You might think that having worn it all day, your makeup has shed itself while you went about your day.

The fact is there will always be some leftover if you don’t go wash it off before bed. This will lead to clogged pores and will ultimately lead to aged, or damaged skin. Washing up before bed also helps keep from collagen breakdown and it washes away free radicals. To preserve your skin, to make it look young, and to prevent damage to it, it is very important to wash off all of your makeup before going to sleep.


lip pout


Bonus #9

Aside from what we mention above, there’s one big belief we have here at Anti-Aging Solutions, for ensuring natural and graceful aging: Let Yourself Be. It sounds simple enough; if you are someone who generally likes using makeup, there are great ways to enhance your use and make that benefit you. That being said, if you are someone who uses minimal makeup and want to look your best, keep that up! Eating well, getting enough exercise, and being smart about the products you already use are greatly sufficient ways of keeping yourself healthy and young. Here at Anti-Aging Solutions we are big believers in enhancing your natural look by means, and by means that YOU feel comfortable!

17 thoughts on “Youthful Exposure: 8 Ways to Preserve Your Natural Glow

  1. Thanks for these tips! Another good tip for the feet is to occlude your feet after your put on the Vaseline or other moisturizing cream before bed. Just be sure to put snug socks on after rubbing the cream onto the skin. You will wake up in the morning with baby soft feet. This also works well on hands.

  2. Wow, that’s so amazing! Just a lighter shade of lipstick and some color adjustment can make you look younger. I definitely agree that a ponytail and/or bangs will make someone look more youthful too. Dressing in colors that suit you makes sense. Thicker brows wasn’t one I would have thought of but it makes sense. Thinner eyebrows would be a sign of aging and removing your make-up before bed is a good tip. Hopefully everyone will wash their face at the end of the day. Thanks!!

  3. Hmm, you might not like this, but I think aging is a beautiful process and I really think more women and men, but mainly women should embrace it. We shouldn’t identify with our bodies so much they are just the tool on this journey called life. I look at my wife and she only wears mascara. Looking after your health, eating organic nutrient-rich food and exercising your body and brain, will keep you happy and young at heart for a long time.  

    1. Hi Hendrik, as someone who also uses minimal makeup, I think that you’re right! Some of these guidelines are definitely meant to help a person who does use makeup and want to look their best, but I do agree that the natural aging process is beautiful in its way. Lots of people I know do use makeup, however, and there are good and bad practices that come with that, so hopefully these tips help in that way. At the same time, you mentioned a couple of things like eating nutrient-rich food and exercise, which are two ways that help a person age gracefully!

  4. Thanks for all these tips. They are simple but it is funny how most women do not know about them and how effective each of them can help in conquering he battle against old age. It is really great to know of as we often neglect the little things that really matter and can make a whole  lot of difference over the long term, I’d share this with my mom and my elder sister as I’m sure this would be of help to them.

  5. Wow, this are really good tips that I should make use of honestly. I have never thought that I could use some colour correcting products. Do you have any suggestions? I will make sure also that I take good care of my fewer from now on. I also notice you added the fact that we need to make sure that our make up goes off before we sleep. Many people don’t know that. Glad you can mention it.

  6. Wow! This is precise and very information filled as it aim for exactly what it means to pass across as message. Often times as women, we are prone to ignoring the very little elements that could be the real change then, we go around spending huge cash when all we need is to just tweak a few things about us that could really make the difference over the long run. I found this article to be a lot more helpful than it is. Wearing g what we love and reducing the application of make up. Also, removing make up every single time before bed. These are great tips

  7. I believe that my mother can make use of this tips you have here. Although she doesn’t use make up and I think she should go to the manicure and pedicure more often to take care of her feet and her hands too. Very useful information put together here, I’ll share this 10 tips to preserve her youthful age and maybe my girlfriend too.

  8. Interesting view on preserving your youthful glow, which of course will work, but for a time only.  A person shoulld also be eating healthy food, doing regular exercises, taking enough rest, no smoking/drugs and a regular life in general. Aging is just part of everybody’s life, is a natural thing. In this way and combined with your useful tips for daily use, you will surely have a youthful glow about you.

  9. Wow thank you so much for this. The tips shared in this post are just super amazing. The beauty of life is in enjoying your youthful glow. I personally have been involved in using moisturizers to prevent wrinkles on my face. The power of these anti aging solutions is something everyone need to leverage on in this times we live in. It has the power to make your skin look ever young.

  10. Thanks for those tips. I use a lighter shade of lipstick which matches my lips. I look younger in that.

    Moisturizing foundation works well on me too. In the past, I used a powder foundation and it really makes my skin dry and makes me looks older.

    I have to admit that I never take care of my feet. Thanks for the advice. I will start applying Vaseline on it 🙂

  11. I really agree with you about the eyebrows. I think as we age we don’t realize that the eyebrows frame our face and they tend to lighten up. Just enhancing the shade and shape of your eyebrows works wonders.

  12. Such an awesome website, full of content and relative to what everyone wants these days. I don’t think aging in general is bad for us, as we mature with age 🙂 But, it definitely helps with the way we look at ourselves in the mirror and puts a smile on our face when we look good. Thanks for the good read.

  13. Hi Sonia, thank you for this helpful post. I agree with you about the dark lips sticks. I love them, however it tends to make me look older especially since I wear glasses. This is an amazing website you have, I’m going to subscribe and share!

  14. Hi,

    These are some great tips and tricks for maintaining youthful looks. I’m not sure how I could recommend your post without  the women in my life getting the wrong idea though. I think it would be with mentioning how regular exercise and a healthy diet would help too. Also some good sun protection is a great way to look after your skin.

  15. I never thought about using lighter shades of lipstick, but I tried it, and you’re right! It does make for a younger appearance.

    I also have to say how much I regret tweezing my brows so much when I was younger. I had really thick eyebrows and I used to trim them all the time. They were perfect for the thicker, heavier look that’s fashionable now. But, alas, they stopped growing back, and now they’re thin.

    I agree with your closing comments. It’s nice to use makeup and so on, but good food, rest, and exercise go a long way, too.

    Thanks for the great tips! (I always wear bangs, too.)

    Stella 🙂

  16. A very interesting article! I hadn’t thought that bigger eyebrows made you look younger! I feel like for me, bang make me look like I’m 12 instead of 35. And this is only recently that I tried bangs again. Haha! My mom had always told me to take off my makeup a night to prevent wrinkles. This was a very educational and refreshing article! Thank you for the information!

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