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What Are Ceramides for in Skin Care?

What Exactly Are Ceramides?

A question rarely answered to a full extent. Ceramides have proven anti-aging effects and have been tried and tested for helping the body retain moisture. But what are ceramides for in skin care exactly?

Ceramides are lipids, which are fat-like substances found in your blood and body tissues. These particular lipids are one of the best fighters when it comes to battling dry skin.

What Do Ceramides Do?

Now that we know what they are, what do they do, and what makes them offer such effective results?


They Help the Body Retain Moisture

Ceramide lipids help form the skin’s barrier while retaining the skin’s moisture. They are skin-protectors against environmental stressors such as irritants, dry air and pollution. The right ratio of ceramides is important, to keep the skin’s barrier from being compromised.

A compromised barrier leads to dryness, irritated and itchy skin. They make up 50% of the skin’s barrier.

They Help the Skin Look Younger

Ceramides have multiple anti-aging properties, and they ultimately help the skin look younger. Since they are lipids, they are produced naturally in the skin. They can, however, be expended by exposure to outside factors such as hot water, particular chemicals soaps and other environmental components.

Since your natural ceramides can become depleted over time, using skincare that is made with ceramides helps to restore the skin’s barrier, and that can help increase the skin’s moisture levels again.

By protecting the barrier in the upper layers of the skin, your skin is able to retain water but they also help repair the natural barrier and regulate cells.

Ceramides are Hydrating

Ceramides occur naturally in the body, and they occur aplenty. While you are young, your skin produces a lot of ceramides. But over time, and as we age, both the number of ceramides in our bodies and the effects of them, decrease. Their hydrating and moisture-building qualities lessen over time.

This is why it is a good idea to use products that have ceramides in them to avoid a damaged skin barrier. A broken barrier is what causes dry ot rough skin. It can ultimately lead to wrinkles, fine lines, dehydrated and irritated skin.


There are Different Kinds of Ceramides

Yes, split in two two groups. Nine different ceramides have been identified in the skin as of now, and the two types are called Sphingosine and Phytosphingosine. Seven of the nine are used in skin products.

When getting into specifics, the structure and ceramide type is what determines its function, but in general, their purpose is to help maintain the water retention in the stratum corneum.


What Products Contain Ceramides?

For the most part, the skincare products that contain ceramides in them will have them listed as ingredients on the packaging. However, certain ceramide precursors that stimulate the skin to create ceramides will not clearly be as clearly listed; such as sphingosine and phytosphingosine.


Are Natural Ceramides Better than the Manufactured?

So, now we know there is more than one place that ceramides come from. Where do they all come from (when they’re not coming from out body) and are certain forms of ceramides better than others?

Certain forms, like the ones that can be derived from plants, have the ability to hydrate the skin, but that is all they really do. It;s better than nothing, but they aren’t effective in replenishing the skin barrier, or able to train the skin to react to moisture differently.

They can also come from animal and human skin. These ceramides do both; hydrate and train. Animal-based products are less popular nowadays, and are not ethically sound.

So, synthetic ceramides are actually the best solution. They are able to do everything that ceramides obtained from plants or animals can’t do. They are hydrating and can teach the skin to replenish its barrier.

What are Other Benefits of Ceramides?

  • Since they occur naturally within the skin, there is no skin type that doesn’t work well with them. Regardless of your skin type, ceramides are effective in doing their job.
  • Ceramides are uniquely safe to use around the eyes.
  • Ceramide-rich products are often also made with other natural ingredients that are compatible with all skin types: such as antioxidants, amino acids, and glycerine.
  • The anti-aging properties of ceramides include firmer, more supple skin. They literally refresh the skin, so it looks brighter and feels younger.


Our Favourite Ceramide-Enriched Products


Undaria Argan Oil

This is a pure organic Argan oil that’s rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, ceramides, and the signature ingredient Organic Undaria Seaweed to lock in moisture. We love this product because it uses ceramides along with other ALL-NATURAL ingredients to minimize signs of aging for a firmer, more youthful appearance.


Sahara Soufflé

This unique, deep-hydrating face mask is made with camel milk! Camel milk contains a blend of skin repairing nutrients like natural AHA’s, proteins, and vitamins. Alpha Hydroxy Acid works together with ceramides and other natural ingredients for the most hydrating face mask that also nourishes the skin and evens skin tone. This mask restores delicate, dry and sensitive complexions and works well with all skin types.


Marie Veronique Barrier Lipid Complex

A deep-moisturizing oil serum complete with ceramides and fatty acids, this complex maintains the appearance of youthful, plump, well-hydrated skin. We find that with it’s mixture of different natural fats and oils, it’s able to offer anti-aging benefits that fully replenish the skin so it feels brand new.
Some of its natural ingredients include cranberry seed oil, chia seed oil, evening primrose oil, and prickly pear seed oil!


PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer

This is an amazing anti-aging moisturizer from Alpyn Beauty. The all natural, super-hydrator “melts” into the skin to leave a smooth-yet-firm feeling. Ceramides and squalane work together to help fortify the moisture barrier.

We love this moisturizer for it’s all-natural element and anti-aging ability. Vitamin C helps to brighten and support the skin against environmental aggressors.

17 thoughts on “What Are Ceramides for in Skin Care?

  1. This was an informative and interesting article! Ceramides are something I might have heard of before but never knew anything about, but they seem to be absolutely necessary to the skin’s health. I think maybe people have not heard of them in detail because they maybe seem like complex things. But they are clearly effective. I think replenishing your body using synthetic ceramides is an awesome idea. I have used some products from credo beauty before, but the one on your list I want to try is the Barrier Lipid Complex!

  2. Wow! Thank you for this valuable information. I always like the posts on this website, because always provide good information about preventing aging. Indeed, in addition to age can accelerate aging, but if carried out good care, be it lifestyle, food, and external assistance (drugs / supplements) can slow down aging.

    Speaking of aging, I feel that ceramide is a good product because it is a lipid and has an antioxidant component (I know that because I am scientifically curious, and it turns out there is research at NCBI, pubmed/16424801) that prevents skin damage due to free radicals from the environment. One of the important factors to prevent aging is hydrating, and I admit this product (Ceramide) has these properties.

    To be honest, I have never used ceramide as an anti-aging component, but I use retinol. Maybe, after reading your writing, I will consider it also as my skin care. And I want to ask for advice, can the use of ceramide be combined with my retinol product?

    And, according to you, from the 4 products that you listed, which one is the best for my skin that is dry and often red?


    1. Hi Kylie!

      Actually, retinol and ceramides work really well together, and so you mentioned, both have great anti-aging properties, as well. The few products I have listed above are all great for the fact that they do well with any skin type, but my favourite for skin that is often red would be the Sahara Souffle Mask.

      I actually have sensitive skin too, and it’s sometimes red for no reason. I find this mask to be the best for skin that gets a little dry and red; it moisturizes and restores dry complexions.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Kylie!

  3. Hi Sonia,

    I really enjoyed learning about what ceramides are and the science behind how they work. I never realized that these lipids were so important to achieving healthy and young-looking skin. 

    I used to deal with really dry hands in the past (and still do to some extent), but I never put much thought into the type of lotion I used. I always stuck with some cheaper options and was never willing to invest in anything nicer. I probably should have because I had to deal with dry skin every winter or whenever the weather was really cold.

    The products you have listed look like they would be very effective at keeping your skin fresh. I’m definitely going to be keeping tabs on them in case I need some skin moisturizers in the future. Thanks for this informative article.


  4. This was quite informative. I have often heard of ceramides in skin care product commercials but never really knew what they were or did. I for one am a big fan of doing things naturally and try to avoid using any synthetic products. I realize that some synthetics like those of skin care with ceramides are not harmful and can actually be better in that they hydrate and train the skin to replenish the barrier.

    So many things that our body does naturally always seems to slow down as we age. Keeping our skin healthy, which is actually the largest organ of the body and not just a covering, is essential for growing older gracefully. Since some women use a lot of cosmetics, both applying and removing, I would think using a skin care product with ceramides is vital. Because I prefer as all-natural as possible, I am going to try that Undaria Argan Oil.

  5. I really had no idea about the depth of ceramides, they sound like superheroes in this article though. I have used a cream called CeraVe and I believe they use ceramides as their main ingredient.

    I knew I liked that lotion but I never went through it in so much detail, I can totally see why it’s used and how effective it is.

    I use CeraVe body lotion but I really like the look of the Alpyn plant moisturizer for my face. If it makes my skin look younger I can only imagine what these ceramides products could do for my face!

  6. I’m almost 49 and I have been taking really good care of my skin since I can even remember. However, I noticed that the older I get, the needs of my skin are changing. I had never heard of ceramides before. I mean, I know that there are a bunch of ingredients in anti-aging skin but I never really paid attention to any of them. This was very informative. Thank you. 

  7. I have heard of what lipids can do for the skin, and I love how it works naturally. Argan oil is excellent, I use it too, for skin and hair. I also like Marie Veronique Barrier Lipid Complex, it has some great seed oils, and I am sure that it will have amazing effects on your skin!

  8. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. truth be told, i never knew about ceramides before even with my knowledge of skin care. this is probably the most informative article i have read in a while. If i should get one of this for my skin, I like the options you’ve listed above.

  9. Hello there. I had no single knowledge of the term “Ceramides” before now. So I must admit that I learned something new today, and it’s actually something I would love to use, who doesn’t want to look younger?

    These Ceramides are clearly so beneficial to our skin! The effects you’ve talked about here are so beneficial and make ceramides sound like miracle-lipids. Thanks for sharing your favourite Ceramide-inclusive products!

  10. Great article and very nice explanation of ceramides! I have tried using different moisturizers on my hands during the wintertime but I found a lot of products don’t really do much. I have never really thought about what is in the products and what can actually help so learning more about ceramides will definitely make me choose a product with that in next time! It definitely seems better than buying a product with a lot of chemicals in it. Also, I get a very dry scalp in the winter too, do they make shampoos with ceramides in it that would help with that? Thanks!

  11. Frankly, I’ve never used ceramide as an anti-aging ingredient. After reading your article I found that ceramide is very beneficial for my skin. The argan oil you have listed uses ceramide along with all other natural ingredients to reduce the signs of aging for the youthful appearance. I like to use this oil for my skin. After I use it I will share my experience with you. And I’ve  bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later!

  12. Hello there! This is an amazing article as it carries vital information about ceramides which not everyone knows about including me! I find it really interesting, the fact that ceramides are hydrating and help to reignite dead skin cells, even though most people probably wouldn’t know too much about them.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article, I’ve learnt a lot from it!

  13. Hi again! I ended up trying some of your other recommendations, particularly retinoid products, and I must say I do see what all the fuss is about .Now ceramides are something I never heard of but from what you say it seems to be very beneficial for the skin .I think I may try out that Undaria Argan Oil because it is so important to lock in moisture .It uses ceramide along with all other natural ingredients to reduce the signs of aging.

    I’ll be back to tell you how it goes!

  14. I think you’re onto something here, I’ve tried many things over the years but  I’m not sure if they did any good. It just felt good using them. Ceramides are something the body produces a lot when young. It makes sense to help the body as production wains. 

    I know that stomach acid is very important as that also weakens over time reducing its ability to extract nutrients.I would definitely like to try the PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer… Looks and sounds really good.

  15. I never heard of ceramides, and by looking at the comments here I guess a lot of other people hadn’t either! They do seem like a really important part of skincare, and getting skin to look young and stay that way. Interesting read. I never heard of Sahara Souffle but I have tried PlantGenius products before and I vouch!

  16.  I certainly agree with you that Ceramides are unique to body moisture and dry skin, and are under-known and not well understood. You cleared up some information here. When I had dry skin, I used a lot of product but I did not get decent results from just applying tons of product. I wanted to try using the Marie Veronique Barrier Lipid Complex. From your reviews and others I have read of their products, it seems like its worth a shot. 

    I’ll let you know how it goes!

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