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What is Retinol for Skin? (Answers to Your Questions)

What is Retinol?

Simply put, retinol is a synthetic, topical derivative of Vitamin A, that’s also an effectively well-known anti-aging solution. It has the ability to improve the appearance of collagen-depleted skin, while minimizing signs of aging and speeding up cell renewal.

Below are some of the top questions people ask about Retinol and answers about what it does!

What is a Retinoid?
Essentially, retinol is a type of retinoid. They have the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen production. They work to stimulate production of new blood vessels in the skin, too. “Retinoid” is essentially the unbrella term for all of the retinol products, and all have the same anti-aging properties.

What Does Retinol Do for Your Skin?
When retinol comes into contact with the skin, the body’s enzymes convert the retinol into retinoic acid, the active form of Vitamin A. The acid increases cell turnover, and works to stimulates collagen and elastin production. Retinol and retinoids also helps fade hyperpigmentation, and can reduse age spots

Retinol products are able to help hydrate the skin and leave a glowing effect after it. It’s another one of those multitasking skincare ingredients that work for the skin, and it helps it retain its natural beauty.

It can help soothe the effects of stubborn cystic acne and even eczema, as well as sun-induced wrinkles and dark spots. Retinol has the ability to effect the skin in multiple ways, from reducing wrinkles, to evening out skin tone.

Does Retinol Tighten Skin?
To an extent, retinol can make the skin firmer, and feel tighter. Depending on the firming-effect you are hoping for, results can vary. For example; it can definitely make your facial skin feel tighter around the cheeks and chin, but it would not be able to get rid of sagging skin.

Retinol and other retinoid products can help skin in a lot of ways, and making loose skin firmer is just one of them.

How Long Does it Take Retinol to Work?

Most dermatologists and users of retinol agree that over-the-counter retinol formulas take at least 12 weeks of regular use before you can see lasting improvements in the texture of your skin, including the minimization of wrinkles and fine lines.

Does Retinol Reduce Wrinkles?

Yes, over time retinol works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It’s important to know that retinoids don’t just work by way of exfoliation, but at a much deeper level. They are able to affect gene expression to cause enhanced collagen production, as well as smoothing out skin overall.

Is Retinol Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Advanced retinol products can be tougher on the skin and offer more of an intensive treatment, which can lead to those with sensitive skin to experience redness and irritation. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend trying a gentler retinol formula; there are products that will say they are better suited for sensitive skin right on the label.

Using a gentler retinol product can be like a gateway to using more advanced ones down the road, once your skin has become more accustomed to the ingredient.

What is the Best Retinol Cream for Wrinkles?

Some of the ones we like include:


Reverse Retinol Repair Cream, $26

Reverse is made specifically to target wrinkles and rid your face of fine lines. Their formula works alongside a number of hydrating, and firming ingredients that improve the texture of skin over-all.

We love this cream for its ability to visibly smooth surface lines and fade age spots in just over a week’s time. Given two weeks this reparitive cream works to:

  • Diminishes crow’s feet and smooth wrinkles
  • Fades age spots, sun spots and rid the skin of discolouration and hyper-pigmentation
  • Noticeably moisturizing and firming the skin

Not to mention, at only $26 it’s definitely a steal.


Advanced Texture Resurgence, $267

This particular serum has the amazing benefit of doing it’s job in a more immediate fashion. It’s able to visibly smoothe out the delicate area around the eyes and diminishes the look of fine lines upon application. It works preventatively too, to keep fine lines from forming any further.

This “texture resurgence” absorbs very quickly and without leaving any oily residue. Makeup can be applied on top of it immediately after.

This serum has the unique ability to attract moisture into skin while helping form the skin’s barrier to lock it in. We love it for both its preventative measures and ability to keep the skin safe even tough weather conditions.


Day Light Organic Moisturizer, $25

This moisturizer has a light consistency, but it’s concentrated too. It’s an organic facial moisturizer that uses an aloe vera base that nourishes and hydrates the skin. We love it because it protects the skin using antioxidants throughout the day, by countering the the sun’s UV rays.

This moisturizer is also jam-packed with Vitamin C ester and it works well with sensitive, normal, dry and combination skin!


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