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Why Do Some People Look Older Than Their Age?

Do You Look Older Than Your Age?

It can happen suddenly; one day you’re turning 30 and someone tells you that you couldn’t be older than 38… and they think they’re complimenting you.

That was the first time I noticed that my face might be aging faster than the rest of me, and I was discouraged to say the least.

Right away, (after wallowing just a little, if I’m honest) I tried to pinpoint what it was about me that allowed another young woman my age to mis-estimate mine so greatly. Was it that I was just so much more mature than her? (I was a little bitter for a minute, forgive me). After exhausting some of these pointless thoughts, it really was simple to uncover the small mistakes I was making that allowed my skin to start looking older, and appearing older than I actually was.

Nutrition and Weight

This was my biggest culprit, and one that often goes over-looked because it doesn’t appear to have direct correlation with the skin. A person might not think that simply not getting enough nutrients can be the cause of dull-looking skin. I started incorporating some more greens into my diet. Even just adding vegetables to one meal a day can make the difference after a little consistency.

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Skin tone does depend on adequate nutrition. Getting enough vitamins, such as Vitamin B, vitamin C, K and E are all necessary ingredients for healthy-looking skin. Vitamins can be obtained from supplements, and also from a diet of green vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

I was also someone who, at that time, was losing weight. Sometimes going from heavier to lighter, or lighter to heavier can be the cause of some unexpected toll that shows itself on your face. It so happened that whenever I lost weight, my face was the first to get a little smaller. Although I was always a healthy weight, diet had a huge effect in terms of how my skin looked. I sometimes did not get the number of calories that are required. And this is actually a common mishap for those who are losing weight without taking calorie-count into consideration

When you are losing weight, make sure you are still staying healthy. Eat green foods, and don’t think that skimping on calories will help you look or feel better. Losing weight can be helpful for some, and necessary for others, but not in an unhealthy way.


This was one that I often just forgot about. Dryness makes the skin crease, and look wrinkled rather quickly, and this results in adding years to the face. To avoid this, the task is simple. Make it routine to moisturize. Carry moisturizer with you if you’re a little forgetful, like me.

Premature wrinkles or sagging skin can come about from constant exposure to hot water as well. Try and be mindful of the stress you put on your skin, and how you can avoid it. Moisturizing your skin can make a very big, positive difference and can take years off you.

Outside Stress

Exposure to strong or constant sunlight can be a big cause of skin-damage and it’s one that is really easy to miss altogether. Sunscreen is very important to the health of your skin, and will keep you from looking older than you are for reasons you can’t pinpoint.

Mental stresses are another factor that can lead to premature aging. Mood is very much a factor and how you feel generally does make its’ way onto your face. Feeling unwell mentally, or frowning can lead to looking older.

Inadequate Sleep

This is a big one, and can vary for different people. Some people look absolutely fine on 6 hours of sleep, but most of us require more. A lack of adequate sleep can also result in dark circles and a wrinkled eye-area.

Make sure you are putting aside the time to get enough sleep each night; this will definitely help get rid of the misconception that you are older than you look.

Additionally, pay attention to the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping ten hours in an uncomfortable position is as bad as not enough sleep at all. Invest in a good mattress and whatever helps you get to sleep better; such as blackout curtains or a sleep mask.


Other Avoidable Factors

Premature grey hairs can occur with exposure to chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and can come about if you are someone who dyes your hair often.

Washing hair with hot water too often can make hair brittle; it depletes melanin in the hair and caused those premature greys. Mental stress can also cause grey hair.

When your body looks a little “saggy”, it can make you look older. Getting some exercise is really important, and when you don’t get enough of it, it causes muscles to lose their tone and become soft. Try an incorporate exercise into your daily life; even if that means starting out just once or twice a week.


Bottom Line

If you take into consideration all of these notes, you’ll find yourself looking younger than your age rather than older. Create a a healthy and balanced
diet containing all the crucial nutrients for good-looking skin, and you;ll find that a ton of benefits come hand-in-hand with this effort, like feeling more energized. Stay hydrated and keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer too, to prevent dryness and wrinkles from forming.

Sunscreen, regular physical exercise, sufficient sleep and avoiding outside stresses are all absolutely crucial to looking your best and not being mistaken for older than you are!

And smile, when you can. The better you feel, the better you will notice, that you look as well.

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