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6 Degrees of Moisturization – Why Is Moisturizer Important?

Why is moisturizer important? In fact, moisturizing is part of a healthy skincare routine. The thing is there are just so many different types of moisturizers. People with normal skin need a light moisturizer that contains natural oils, while people with dry skin may require a heavier lotions that helps to lock in moisture. For people with oily skin, there are oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizers. They don’t clog your pores! And people with sensitive skin are best suited for moisturizers that are fragrance-free and ones that contain few ingredients.

Now, there is good news in all of this, and that’s that more and more moisturizers are being made to support all skin types. If you are not sure what your skin type is, there are certain good ones that cover all the bases. Below are just 6 of the reasons that moisturizing does you good.


1. Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin problems.

Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin can help maintain its balance. When the skin is too dry or too oily, common skin problems like acne begin to appear. When you use a moisturizer it can help to decrease problems such as these. Men and women alike can get a lot of benefits from using a facial moisturizer each day and moisturizing our face makes for softer, more elastic skin, and will keep your skin hydrated. A good moisture cream to prevent skin problems is Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Crème for it’s all-natural element.


Herbivore Moisturizer


2. Moisturizing reduces the appearance of imperfections and blemishes. When you moisturize your skin it gives off a natural-looking sheen. It can also even out blemishes you may already have. Acne and blemishes can get irritated when they are left to face the world without any protection, so moisturizer is able to offer that. Some moisturizers also have some tint or self-tanner that can work with any skin tone to help further cover up imperfections. A great moisturizer that helps to even the skin tone beneath while covering the blemishes above is the Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer. It is weightless and gentle, so it is perfect for daily use. Since it is made with antioxidants, it fights free radical damage and also makes the skin look a lot brighter!


3. Moisturizing keeps skin young. Moisturizing not only makes the skin simply look younger, but it literally helps the aging process. A topic we have covered before, there are particular areas of your skin that are more sensitive than others. The skin on your face, ears, neck, and chest replaces itself more often than any other area on your body. This gradual loss of skin cells leaves these areas vulnerable to the environment around them. When you moisturize, you sensitive skin to repair itself and stay healthy. You can also use an effective moisturizing oil serum on your skin. Our favourite oil serum by far is the Barrier Lipid Complex by Marie Veronique, which  contains ceramides and fatty acids that help maintain the appearance of youthful, plump, well-hydrated skin.



4. It also helps get rid of wrinkles. After you moisturize, your skin tends to feel firmer and more plump. As noted by the British Journal of Dermatology, people with well-moisturized skin accumulate wrinkles at only a fraction of the rate of those with dry skin. Using a good moisturizer can get rid of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and can diminish them over time. People that use moisturizer notice a more energetic look in their face. Our favourite anti-aging serum that also acts as a moisturizing product is the Hyaluron Serum. It’s highly concentrated and purely plant-based. It helps to support skin in retaining moisture and can aid in reducing fine lines on the skin.


Hyaluron Serum


5. Moisturizer is a layer of protection. Moisturizing the skin keeps it from being exposed to the harsh environmental stressors around it, whether that is the outdoors or the air in your home at night. Skin cancer is still prevalent, and moisturizer is a good way to add a layer of protection to your skin. When your skin begins to look dull, or when fine lines begin to develop, it is usually due to not enough hydration. Moisturizer gets rid of that dullness, and combats those environmental stressors at the same time.

A great cream to combat environmental stressors in the home and while you sleep is the Age-Proof Replenishing Night Cream. A blend of pomegranate, strawberry, blueberry and chia seed oils help to keep skin supple, healthy and radiant!


Trilogy Replenishing Cream


6. Moisturizing will makes skin clearer, fresher and healthier. Various moisturizers on the market are formulated to treat many different skin types, including normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to keeping healthy. Facial moisturizers can enhance the functioning of the stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of skin. This upper layer is made up of fat, oil, and skin cells which keep moisture within the skin. This can prevent the skin from drying out and also causes it to look clearer overall. For clear, fresh and healthier skin in almost no-time, we absolutely love the Rose Treatment Essence by African Botanics. This moisturizing skin treatment is an amazing product made with cultured, all natural ingredients that nourish the skin deeply.

African Botanics


Moisturizing is an essential part of a proper daily skincare regimen, and these are some of our favourite moisturizing products above! All of them are all-natural and work well with all skin types. Make sure you are moisturizing at the end of your skincare routine each day, and if you don’t have a routine yet check out How to Create a Skincare Routine.



Credo Beauty

21 thoughts on “6 Degrees of Moisturization – Why Is Moisturizer Important?

  1. Hi, thank you very much for the good writing on skin care. I really enjoyed reading your posts! And I just found out that moisturizer has an anti-aging effect (very much appreciated). I also include women who before traveling out of the house, always use a moisturizer because it makes me feel my face protected.

    Besides going out of the house, I also use a moisturizer before going to sleep (which contains Hyaluronic Acid), because from several studies that I read, that the substance can regenerate cells. In addition to these benefits, moisturizer also makes our skin not dry, so that regeneration of damaged cells (due to sunlight or radiation) can occur properly.

    Once again, great post. Keep Posting!

  2. Yes, moisturizer is extremely important especially when you work indoors under air-conditioned and not well-ventilated environment. It really makes your skin dry and clogged up at the same time. I always make sure to bring some extra moisturizer to work in case my face gets dirty and I need to refresh my face in the afternoon. Also, never put your make-up directly without a moisturizer. It will cause more allergic reaction to the skin. 

  3. I’ve tried the barrier lipid complex and it genuinely works wonders. I’m going on 40 and wrinkles, small ones, have started to develop around my mouth and eyes. But this little bottle honestly smoothed them out so much. After using it for just over a week I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin! Glad it made the list !

  4. Funny I read this right this moment. I was just remembering that yesterday I was with a friend seeking a scrub but never thought of a moisturizer. My skin has been better since I began using it ; especially for leaving it overnight. However, I hadn’t thought of my friend’s skin; he has it tough. 

  5. I completely agree, keeping your skin hydrogenated is of the utmost importance. I have not heard of these particular brands, but I do use lotion and moisturizers daily. Another quick pointer is to never use soap on your face. I am nearly 53 and have not used soap on my face, ever. I get confused for being much younger all the time. 

  6. Skin moisturizer is SO important!  I am getting close to 50 and find it even that much more important than it used to be.  Noticing changes in your skin on your face is something that demands proper attention.  I have developed drier skin and because I work outside, I am always worried about protection.

    I enjoyed reading your post and am always up to hear anything I can about new tips on skin care.  Great job and I am going to check out a few of these products.

  7. This was a really interesting read, I totally see the importance of moisturizing but sadly, like a lot of other I neglect it. I wish there was an easier way to stick to a habit once you want to, but I guess it’s all about repetition until you can’t forget it any longer.

    My skin is quite dry so I decided to look for what to do. I have read many articles about it, and I have come to a clear conclusion and will definitely hydrate myself more often!

  8. The best thing I like about moisturizing is that it makes me feel comfortable unlike when I feel my skin is dry I can’t get settled. Do you think moisturizing is that important to man as well, can I use that to avoid after shave irritation where I start to get some lumps and the like.

    1. Moisturizing is important, whether it’s a man or woman! It helps to keep from skin becoming perpetually dry, and wrinkling over time.

  9. I agree equally moisturizing is very important as it one of the most integral of skin care as it reduces dehydration and as you said reduce the chances of skin problems…..I really like the products that you listed out they would really be of help to solve this problem.thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the us all.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article about moisturizer with us. I read your article and found out more information about the moisturizer. Moisturizer helps prevent skin problems.My wife had skin problems like acne and my wife used a moisturizer on her face, and my wife has been using moisturizer consistently for a long time. And by using it my wife’s mouth acne got better and this moisturizer prevented her skin problems.Moisturizer is very important for the skin and it helps to keep the skin soft. Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Crème This product I and my wife love very much and we using it continuously. We have benefited from using this product. I think using this product will benefit other people like us. Thank you for an awesome post.

    1. I’m so glad that the products have worked well for you! I definitely find the rosewater creme is light but still very hydrating, and it works so well with sensitive skin like mine. It sounds like your wife might have sensitive skin as well, so this cream is a great match!

  11. The hiyaluran serum is the one I like best, because it is plant-based. I have not moisturized in the last three weeks, because I ran out of moisturizer and I have not been able to buy a new one. Your article is giving me great ideas and good information. I did not realize that moisturizer forms a protective layer over your skin, but it makes sense now that I read your article. I really must take better care of myself …! The anti-aging effect is definitely convincing! Next on my to do list: buy moisturizer.

  12. Hello Sonia. The older I get the more I realize the importance of moisturizing and your information just reinforces that. I am in Mexico and finding products that I am used to are hard to find. However, the lady that owns the house here has left some moisturizers that are used in some high-end hotels. I find I really like using the oil moisturizer (I have never used an oil-based one before). It feels great on my skin, especially at bed-time. 

    Would you recommend any of these products for age 70 and over? The Age-Proof Replenishing Night Cream caught my eye.

    Thanks for sharing the importance of moisturizing. I too think it should be part of our daily routine no matter how busy we get.

    1. Hi Mary Ann! I definitely do recommend the age-proof replenishing night cream for women over 70 as well, because it’s such a gentle-yet-effective cream! I agree with you; moisturizing should definitely be part of a daily routine. 

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing!

  13. This article is really great because you wrote so well about taking good care of the skin .I found out through your article that moisturizers are very important. Because it has an anti-aging effect that protects our skin when taken out .And I always use a moisturizer before I go out and keep it very safe for me .Another great benefit is that our skin cells rejuvenate .It does not dry the skin as well .Since I have pimples on my skin, I have found the Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Crème Cream to be quite beneficial. 

    I will be collecting it soon and sharing my new experience with you.

    1. That’s definitely a good choice of product and works very well with sensitive and acne-prone skin as well!

  14. Hello,

    I agree moisturiser is very important, and not just as one gets older. Looking after your skin from an early age is very beneficial. With many pollutants, home heating, air conditioning etc that everyone deals with but never notices, they all have an effect on our skin. I work outdoors in all weather so I use different moisturisers depending on the season. I need one with sun protection in. I like products with Aloe Vera in as I prefer natural products. I also use an eye cream.

    Interesting article, thank you.


  15. I really enjoyed reading your article on moisturizing. It is such an important aspect of skincare, especially for those of us that are outdoors for the bigger part of the day. I also noticed that my skin becomes drier as I age. I am having a hard time finding a product that works for me, as I prefer going the natural ingredient way. Before today, I thought that “Rooibos Tea” and ”Aloe Vera”extracts was the only natural moisturizers out there, but your article opened me up to other natural ingredients that might have a more positive effect on my skin. Thank you for teaching me something new today.

  16. Hey there! Amazing article you’ve got here! I completely agree with the importances of moisturizing, you clearly stated in this article. Also, moisturizing everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. I believe it will be of great help to anyone who reads this .Thanks for sharing this !

  17. I have very oily skin on my face but the skin on my body is somewhat dry, I guess I do need moisturizer for that. My skin reacts to hot and dry weather conditions poorly, I am sure this will go a long way to help improve my skin conditions. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. My spouse also have dry skin on her legs, she would really love and appreciate this article. I will share this with her and my friends and family so that they too can use your unique tips and ideas to improve or complement their skin conditions. 

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