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Winter Is Coming: How to Keep Skin Moisturized

Winter is the time of the year when your skin needs a little extra from you, and not taking care of it in the dry season leads to early signs of aging. As you grow older, it’s completely natural for skin to become dryer and thin. Age-spots appear on any part of the skin that has been exposed to sun, especially the harsh winter rays we often forget about.

Age spots are not at all harmful to the skin, but a clearer face and body certainly makes you look younger. And winter can be especially harsh on already dry skin because it can cause cracks in the skin become deeper, which makes for more risk of infection. Here are some of the ways you can easily and effectively prevent your skin from aging drastically in the off-season.

How to Prevent Skin Damage

1. Don’t be too harsh on your skin

Don’t be too hard on yourself, goes for physically as well as emotionally. It’s best not to take excessively long showers. Too much time in the water can dry out your skin, and unnecessarily hot water can cause wrinkles over time. Just as you limit your wash-time, make sure to use cleansers that are gentler rather than soaps, which are always drying.

Although “surfactants” in soap are meant to cleanse your skin and leave it feeling fresh, we often find that any soap which isn’t designed to moisturize and exfoliate bu only to rid one of dirt (which is most soaps), leaves your skin feeling dry and sometimes flaky. In fact, it is actually better to do a simple rinse with water at times rather than use soaps on the face, as water can provide a gentle cleanse.

Particularly avoid scented soaps and alcohol-based cleansers as they can irritate the skin and eventually out parts of your body.

There are numerous cleansing and moisturizing products that are gentler for the skin than others, and therefore more effective than some more intensified products.


2. Do Moisturize More

Yes, moisturize even more than you would regularly. Of course, it’s always important to keep skin hydrated and your face moisturized, however, the dry season is when your skin and body get a little needy, and require some extra attention from you.

Winter is the time to pack it on with a healthy, thick moisturizer that can protect all day. Rather than having to re-apply constantly, we recommend investing in a rich, heavily moisturizing product that you can apply once in the morning, and once at night, and trust it to keep your skin safe.

To make sure you replenish your skin, stay hydrated and moisturized, inside and out. This is much more achievable with a decent skincare routine and a product that doesn’t expect reapplication from you all day. Using a healthy, mineral-rich moisturizing system can be a delicate and very effective way of taking care of your skin in the winter.

You want something that offers lasting hydration so as not to over-cleanse, but certainly stay moisturized. The moisturizer we stick by is because it keep the face hydrated and soft-to-the-touch throughout the day. What’s special about this Advanced Protection Cream is how many varying skin-related issues it addresses all-the-while continuing to make your skin smoother and more supple each day. Grapeseed, Jojoba and Avocado oils combine to minimize the appearance of wrinkles for a plump, rejuvenated complexion.

Another particular winter-favourite here at Anti-Aging Solutions is Rhydex-2 Wrinkle Relief Cream from phAdvantage. We find this cream to be a heavily effective cream that is also great for the crease between the eyebrows and any fine lines around the upper eye and cheek area. This is a great, proven anti-aging and hydrating moisturizer that works well for staying hydrated, and lastingly-so, especially in the wintertime.

3. Don’t let the air in your home get too dry, humidify.

Having a decent amount of moisture in the air can prevent skin from getting drier, as it helps hydrate the outer layers of your skin. Be sure not to crank up the heat for the winter and avoid extra dryness in the air. Indoor heating actually sucks the moisture out of the air; a great way to help even out the temperature in your home is by investing in a humidifier.

A good humidifier can really aid in providing softness to your skin! They also help prevent dullness, accelerated aging and creasing. If you’ve ever noticed your voice a little raspy in the mornings, it’s actually more likely caused by dry air seeping it’s way into your vocal cords than anything else. If you’re serious about getting your skin back on track, humidifiers help a LOT. On top of the numerous benefits to aging and dry skin, humidifiers are very beneficial to the home heating bills! 

Try a humidifer that is multi-use and can be used with essential oils and aromatherapy as well! This wood humidifer with an ultra-quiet design is the one we use at Anti-Aging Solutions!

4. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen

We’ve certainly mentioned sunscreen before, as it is crucial protective gear any time of the year. It is, however, doubly important in the winter. Since it’s not exactly beach season, it is easy to forget your sunscreen application.

No matter your skin type or sensitivity, your face cannot literally feel the sun, and this is the reason that sun protection often goes over-looked. It’s also true that the fairer your skin, the easier it is subjected to damage from the sun. Tan or olive skin can live through the sun a little longer, but it also more sensitive in terms of developing acne and dry patches. UVA rays are existent and strong all year long.

Aim for a sunblock that is SPF 30 or above, and a label that says “broad-spectrum”. This means your sunscreen will protect you from UVA and UVB rays; summer AND winter. You can also choose beauty products that have sunscreen built in.

We go over some quick tips for choosing the right sunscreen for your skin-type here at Anti-Aging Solutions.


If you prepare your skin for the winter by making sure you hydrate and moisturize, as well as control the temperature of your home, you’ll find that your skin can thrive!

23 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming: How to Keep Skin Moisturized

  1. A really timely post: the weather has just turned much colder here and I was thinking about what I should do differently now it’s not summer. It’s so easy to forget about sunscreen so thank you for the reminder. And I must start moisturizing at night as well as in the morning. Are there any gentle cleansers that you recommend because I can’t find one that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry?

    1. There’s an absolutely gentle and effective moisturizer I use myself called the Ultimate Hyaluronic Moisturizer, I like it a lot because it’s promises to moisturize up to 72 hours! I just use it once a day and it keeps my skin feeling soft the entire day!

  2. Hi Sonia

    For me, the best one is about keeping the air inside the house from drying. Because that will also help your skin to stay moisturized. So, when the air is dry, it dries also the moisture on your skin which gives you the task of moisturizing, again and again, your skin. But with humid air, you won’t need to moisturize as often.


  3. Great article about skincare for wintertime. I am glad that I found this article on time because it Winter is coming in the UK, and my skin is very dry and for this reason, I get this problem all the time especially in the winter time. But thanks for your article, you explain some tips which will definitely help me as well as those who have very sensitive skin like me.

  4. Its really nice reading through this article, it very useful and also enlightening. I like the the measures you stated in the post to from aging drastically in the off-season, they are practical and can be easily accomplished by anyone. During winter, I love to use my Vaseline about two times the volume i use in other seasons because it keeps my skin moisturized and it prevent the effect of winter on my skin. This is sensible article and very useful. Thanks. 

  5. I always thought that the summer was harsher on our skin than the winter, but now that Ive read your post, of course, it makes perfect sense that the winter is indeed harsh on our skin. I haven’t experienced those winters in decades, because I moved to Mexico, but I remember them well, and I do not miss them 😉 

    Moisturizing is important. I use coconut oil at night before I go to bed. Sometimes I forget though. When you mentioned the humidifier, I was wondering … the air here, where I live, has a lot of humidity. Does this mean that that humidity gets to my skin and actually keeps it younger? Just wondering 😉

    1. Hey there! The humidity where you live definitely keeps your skin from getting too dry. So, although it doesn’t directly work to keep you young, it indirectly helps prevent your skin from getting dry and eventually look aged or wrinkled!

  6. It is very timely that I have found this post! You see, my house got flooded and we have had fans and a de-humidifiers going for over five days now. I can not tell you how dry my skin and face have become! Thanks for the reminder about using a humidifier, especially at night. We used to run one every night when our kids were small as a noise cancelation device, but it also helped the kids sleep more soundly.

    In terms of moisturizing the face, I am intrigued by your selection of products. That sure seems like a good deal. I have heard great things about the Dead Sea salts previously. Thank you for the suggestion, and I will look more into it!

  7. This would not have come at a much more better period than now. The weather would possibly turn winter and that us the time we need to pay intensive care towards our body the most. The tips you shared are soot on and I must say, very helpful for me. I would definitely make sure to put all these into good use against the winter. Keeping our body young and skin fresh is the goal. Thanks

  8. My skin and lips are cracking because they have gone dry due to cold temperatures here up in the mountains of Baguio. This sent me on the web looking for tips and it is timely that I stumbled upon this article. Thanks for the information about how mineral-rich Dead Sea water can help in moisturizing our skin. Perhaps, it is not only good for the skin but for tissues like our lips as well. I will try wetting them from time to time to see if they will moisturize.

  9. It’s beginning to get very cold around here and that is why this post is very timely. It’s really easy to forget about taking care of one’s body once it is winter so  I have to say a very big thank you. I have to keep up with my moisturising now and also make sure that I regularly use the sunscreen. One thing I can say for sure is during winter, we always fail to remember our body and it really leads to aging.

  10. Your post is timely, as weather is definitely moving toward winter.  You have given good reasons why our skin needs extra care this time of year.  

    A humidifier is a really good idea.  I used to have one and am not really sure what happened to it.  Our winters in Alaska are hard on the skin, and it might be a good idea to get another one.

    I checked out the moisturizing booster kit; it looks like just the thing to get, and I notice there’s a big discount on the price.  Nice!  Definitely something to keep in mind.

  11. It makes a lot of sense to moisturise more in the winter months, as the skin definitely gets drier at this time of the year. The first thing to show the dryness will be the face in the form of dry lines. It is amazing what a good moisturiser can do to soften the lines and make your skin feel like a million dollars.

    I think that brushing the skin with a body brush will also go a long way to slogging off all those dead skin cells. It is best to do this before your shower and then make sure to moisturise your body well afterwards as the skin will absorb the moisture so much better without all the dry skin cells to clog it up.

  12. Thank you for another informative website. Where else could I’ve gotten this type of info written in such a perfect way? Winter is coming. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it and unless we all fly south for the winter, there is no avoiding it. Though, I really love many things about winter: skiing, warm fires, hot chocolate, snow – all of which can even wreak havoc on our skin. Thanks again for the post, will have to bookmark it.


  13. Wow, that is an interesting fact on staying too long in the shower! Had no idea that water can even dry out the skin. I like your suggestion on applying some thick moisturizer that can last the whole day. I can imagine the dirt we accumulate while topping up our face with moisturizer during the day, while out there in the dust and all the dirt we have accumulated. The pointer on keeping the home humid is great. This is something I have never considered. 

    Thank you for these great tips and the suggestions on products we need to get. Great article! 

  14. Yes, it is that time of the year again when you get cold and dry. Excellent tips to take care of your skin. I am usually unaware of wash time so good to be conscious of over exposure to water which causes dryness and can lead to cracking of the skin. Agree completely on the need to moisturize the skin consistently but again it is best to keep natural oils on the skin. Is there a way to maintain natural oils on the skin longer? I know don’t over wash is one way, just wondering if you have a tip for that. I will be checking out the products recommended. Thank you for the tips.

  15. In my country “winter is here” and so are the skin problems that you have mentioned in this post. I have dry skin and during winters I really have to take extra care of it. I know applying too much soap and spending too much time under the shower is harmful to my skin, yet we all forget these things at times so thank you for reminding me. I never heard of the professional cleansing foam, it seems like a very useful product and I would like to try it out. Moisturizing my skin is something that I have made a habit now. Thank you for this post, I am going to be a regular visitor now.

  16. Thanks for this great article you have written on the best anti ageing skin care ingredients, I hate the summer weather so much because my skin usually get ageing during this period, but when I discovered about moisturizing my skin, then it stopped getting ageing during summers, because I do add water every time and this keeps my skin fresh and calm .thanks doe the other tips am gonna try them out too!

  17. This is a very nice and interesting article I think and I would like say something that has help me although you mentioned it. I all my experience with winter season the best one is keeping the air inside the house from drying out. Because that will also help your skin to stay moisturized. So, when the air is dry, it dries also the moisture on your skin which gives you the task of moisturizing, again and again,and if not properly checked your skin wild begins to degrade.

  18. My skin really does react to weather changes, and in the in summer it gets more stressed and looks aged if I don’t moisturize. I am one of those people that sometimes forgets how much it matters to regularly cleanse and moisturizing. I am gonna try out these ways you have listed and I hope I get my skin back as it was, appreciate the info

  19. Hello Sonia, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Winter is here and I already experienced the bad effects on my skin such as dry skin, especially when the wind is strong. You give me some very helpful tips which I will pay close attention to. Thanks for sharing! 

  20. Taking care of skin in the winter is one of the most important health related things you can do during the winter. No one wants dry skin during the holiday season so understanding how to deal with dry skin is valuable information to have. Good to know that longer showers can dry out skin. This makes sense in the winter as people attempt to warm up with a longer shower. Your Gold Elements Professional Cleansing Foam is an excellent recommendation. With holiday season quickly approaching I think it would make for a perfect gift, and I have saved your post for when it’s soon time to order. Thanks for an excellent recommendations!

  21. These are some great easy tips! I agree that even in the winter season, we need to keep our skin, especially face skin, hydrated. I want to ask a question. While the winter season is a bit harsh for dry type skin, is there any specific tips that the oily-skin owner need to do in this season? Thanks

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